When my skin screams for help! By Juanita

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When my skin screams for help!

When my skin screams for help!

Well if you read one of my posts already you know that I have a troubled mind skin. Who doesn’t?  (@_@)
So I like to try, everything and all if possible, to make my skin just shut up when it’s driving me crazy, like those days when you can see and feel that something, more than usually is wrong ooow so wrong!
So one of my favorites is the “Osmoclean Crème Douce Désincrustante” . Who tried to read that with a French accent HI5 (^-^)y
This product promises:

 “Thoroughly cleansed and purified, the skin is visibly clearer and healthier. It is soft, smooth, supple and comfortable. The complexion is radiant and regains transparency and brightness. Under the effect of massage, tarnished complexion impurities are absorbed, giving the skin an incredible sensation of freshness and softness.”

I have only a gift size of this so I apply only in specific areas on my face when I feel that is about to break out. And I must say that it does what promises. And I give another ten points because is a wash-off product so I don’t need to leave as it would be trouble for me because of my oily skin. I do feel that after using this the troubled area gets smoother and if the break-out happens is not that bad.
The other favorite is the “Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack” from TonyMoly, a Korean brand.
It’s the classic detox. For me is something new, never had or heard of a detox product before this one, so I was a little confused by what it does.
This one says:
“Contains tomato water and tomato ingredients. This multi-function product brings instant magic brightening and vitalizing effects when being used as a massage cream, and cleansing effect when being used as a pack. This soft massage cream and cleanly wash-off mask delivers highly vitalizing, truly clarifying, magic brightening, hydrating and protecting effects to the skin, leaving the skin amazingly bright, clear and supple. “
That’s soooo true! I had my eyes on this before buying it because I used to enjoy tomato home made masks so I thought maybe this would do the same and it did! I like it mostly because since I have dark spots on my face, after using this mask my skin becomes clear and I can see the dark spots peeling, like if  the product was scratching the melanin out. In a good way of course.
BTW, this two works well for all skin types.
Let me know what works for you when your skin needs instantly help. (^.^)/



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  1. “Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack” I need to get one of these lol wants!!

    • You have too!!! I wasn’t believing at the beginning that this could do so much but it did! And soooooo cheap!

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