Very Apeeling…..SkinLogics Lip Apeel – BeautiControl By Fran

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Very Apeeling.....SkinLogics Lip Apeel by BeautiControl

Very Apeeling…..SkinLogics Lip Apeel by BeautiControl

Hello all, not sure if there’s anyone else out there like me….very dry, chapped, painful lips…always. Since I can remember I have always had cracking, dry lips that hurt. I have tried hundreds of different lip balms/creams/gels etc. and some work and some don’t. (I may even grace you with some reviews down the road) A recent discovery from a company called BeautiControl is a peel/balm combo called Skinlogics Lip Apeel.

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It’s a 2-part system; the bottom portion of the container holds the peel. It’s a very plain, I’m going to say unscented, cream that is smooth and light to the touch. This magical beast is what you shmear in a light coating on your lips and allow to dry.  After it is dry you rinse off with warm water and a damp washcloth. I will say that the washcloth action really helps in sloughing off the dry skin so that plays a major part in the smoothifying. The top portion of the container is the wonderous lightly citrous, non-waxy balm that you gently glide on your lips after the peel.  The product boasts dermatologist, sensitivity and allergy testing and it is non-comedogenic.

I have to say my lips have never felt better. In the past I have resorted to toothbrush and washcloth exfoliation as well as sugar scrubs etc. and nothing I’ve done has left my lips this fantastic.  The only con at this point is that I’m now going to have to buy the lip balm on it’s own so I can pack it around with me since the 2-part container only has one lid and is on the “too large to be portable” side. The  peel/balm combo is about $30 CDN and the balm alone is $15 CDN.  Small price to pay for lippy freedom!!

BeautiControl is an international beauty company that utilizes a home sales consultant/spa party approach. They’ve been in business for over 30 years and it’s usually pretty easy to find a consultant in your area.  I’ve started using other fabby products from the BeautiControl line recently and  I’m sure I’ll be sharing them with you.

This product is:  Frantastic!

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