Unmentionably Cheeky – New 2nd Month Review By Amber

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Unmentionably Cheeky -  New 2nd Month Review By Amber

2nd month with UmCheeky

3 pairs a month for $8

use code SUMMER (Free shipping Canada and USA or $5 world wide) !!

 If you are interested there is a sign up box to the right hand side of the blog.

This is the packaging it came in , which is great its discreet and  fits in my mail slot!

And inside here is the way it was packaged

Hello Purple again!


Let me start with saying sizing of these are for me perfect

After opening this seal I was a tad unexcited to see it looked like last months
but in a different color mix.

 Here is what I received


By themselves..

 This is more a Pink then what my camera is showing

I do REALLY like this panty so another color isn’t a let down.

this color almost matches a bra I have. IMG_3618


and lucky me I do have a bra to go with this



hummm I do like this color, BUT, I”m not going to lie here

I’m super picky about matching my bra to my panties.

So either I will need to have a bra  or my daughter will be inheriting new panties months I don’t have bras to match.

whoooooooooooo. told you I’m nuts!!!

Anyone else have this weird obsession with matching?


Worth it ?

For the price Definitely!

I won’t be going anywhere yet I will like to see what else is in store. And lets face it at least this is a very USEFUL subscription!

I really liked the cotton panties last month they are cute and fit nicely
so I’m happy to see them again.

I do feel a bit let down it looks almost identical like I purchased the same pair of shoes in two colors.

I’d have to be in love with those shoes to do that!




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  1. i use to be obsessed with matching- not so much the last few years

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