Tony Moly’s- Panda’s White Dream Review

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I LOVE Tony Moly and I’m a SUCKER for Kawaii Packaging

 Funny story about this.

My boyfriend and I are walking through T&T and I see the most adorable panda hand cream.

So I say to my boyfriend. “One day when you are thinking of me , you can buy me this!” .

He’s like “buy it now I’m thinking of you now.”.

Me : ” Nooo not romantic. ”

So needless to say I left the store with no Panda Cream.

A few days later Boyfriend is at the store and messages me to ask which one.

lol  FAIL on his behalf i’m thinking as he killed the surprise.

So he comes home and tells me there’s a surprise hidden.


Was sitting by my Coffee Maker.

Panda’s White Dream Magic Cream

Tried this on my hands makes them so white and soft.

I tried this one my face as well it really lightens would be good for someone light with red pigment.

I’m not sure how or if this would work on someone with dark skin tone i’m pretty fair so it works as a base if you rub it in really well.

Thinking that was all I Then went to bed.

The next day I wake up go to the washroom and there is Panda #2

3 001

I have yet to try this but it sounds awesome cooling for the eyes ( like a balm or serum type stick)

Then I got ready to go to work got in my car and there was Panda # 3


This is a eye brightening stick ! I think this might work nice on either under eye circles (Like a panda hahahaa) or even maybe eye shadow base (yet to try this )

 HURRRRRRRRRAH Happy Girlfriend and many wonderful panda’s OH how I LOVE Korean and Japanese Packaging!!

Panda , Panda , Panda !




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