Tegu Wooden magnet blocks REVIEW

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I do love wood blocks and Magnets so why not both!!

I love these blocks and the sets and the quality of these products I bought these off Well.ca as they were a bit cheaper there.

If you do not have a www.well.ca account you can get one and get $10 off your first order withe the code -> canadafreebie

But anyways I love THESE but he prices run steep for bigger sets . I do wish they  had better pricing.
Don’t bother to try to order off their site in Canada at least its CRAZY shipping prices!

Only downfall other than price is that I wish a few areas were magnetic that are not but other than that they are GREAT .

My daughter let me wake up on my own a bit today and got out of bed and played a whole 10 mins on her own on the rug with these . Which if you’re a mom of a 2 year old potty training , co sleeping toddler you will understand my appreciation of the 10 mins to fully open my eyes before getting a coffee into my veins to take on the day.

I was not paid or provided these for a review from the company



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