Skin, please come down! By Juanita

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Skin, please come down!

Soooo, summer time… Some people love it, right? Sun, beaches, holidays, barbecue and etc. Some people wait the whole year for it. Well I do it too. I wait suffering in anticipation of my hair getting dry, my stomach not accepting food and my skin breaking out like crazy! Yeah, I’m not a summer person, I like the whole vibe but my body just don’t let me enjoy it.

So every year is the same, all the work to getting my skin better during the other seasons risking to be lost because of the heat and humid during hot months.

My skin is oily/combination but in the summer just seems that I instead of washing my face I’m using some kitchen oil all over! But this year I said NO! I’m tired of all this abuse! OK, too much? I was really angry overseeing the pain I was about to suffer. Not just a pain in the ass to control the sebum but also those “summer breakouts” are usually painful and come without explanations. You know when you just give up in the sofa after a day of work? My skin does pretty much the same, it just get irritated.

So I’ve decided to try one specific facial mask, as I love them already, for breakouts. I was skeptic about it but thought that couldn’t get any worse. So I got the ”Magic Pink Powder Mask” by the THEFACESHOP and I must say: There’s a light in the end of the tunnel, guys.

About the product:
“A wash-off mask pack with calamine and salicylic acid for a flawless solution in easing skin problems and provides care for troubled skin areas by softening flaky, dead skin cells.”
Calamine, the main ingredient is famous to be used as an anti-itching .It is also used as a mild antiseptic to prevent infections that can be caused by scratching the affected area, and an astringent to dry acne abscesses. Just what I needed. And I’m not going to be vague about it: using this mask not only helped to avoid major problems during the hot days but also dried those little monsters in 2 or 3 applications. So for me it’s a must have now. To improve results I used a tea tree toner that works helping troubled skin.

Do I need to say more? In case you don’t know if you should buy it just look at this package.

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Made up your mind? Try it! Totally worthed!




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  1. I might need this hahahaha.

    • Every time I use I think why I didn’t buy this before! So yeah you need it!

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