Review on Multiple BB Creams by Amber

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Review on Multiple BB Creams

BB’s Everywhere!


Ok I must admit before trying BB Cream I was that Girl that was like, “BUT!!! I like foundation!”


So I tried My first BB which was the

L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream in “Fair”
(30ml runs around $8)


This one is one of my two personal favorites It doesn’t look so orange tone in real life my camera isn’t giving it the credit it deserves.

I do love this one  A LOT it does nor make my face oily as I do have combination skin. Also This one does have a fair bit of coverage.

I myself, Like to use this with a powder over top so after that its perfect! Does not feel over caked on and Does not feel greasy and covers  well .

Con: for me is that its lacking sunscreen. (though I would not be happy with anything less then a 45 anyways)


The second BB I have tried is

SKIN79 Super+ Beblesh Balm BB Cream VIP Gold
(40g around $11)


Ok lets be honest here I have Oily Skin this goes on very creamy not so great for me.

The coverage is no where near the amount I personally would like to have

This is suppose to be made with Gold Caviar, sweet almond oil and aloe vera.

This product claims to also improve winkles and whiten.

I do really like that this product includes UVA and UVB.


Next I tried out  a sample that I received

MISSHA M Signature Real Complete B.B. Cream
(45 g  Can find around $14 mark)


This cream is apparently for  the use to soothe and regenerate the skin while protecting post-surgical scars. (who knew)

This contains peptide complex, gingko water and 50 kinds of botanical complex. It is Non-chemical, Paraben-free, Mineral oil-free, Alcohol-free, GMO-free, Triclosan-free, Benzophenone-free

This  one is also kind of oily for my skin same type of texture very creamy.

BUT  this has a bit better coverage then the skin79.

This BB cream also has a SPF 25


Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector
(75ml around $12 mark or up )


 This is what I’m using right now 

this one is also one of my favorites

It is more then the loreal BB but twice the size !

Protects with SPF 15 UVA and UVB sunscreen

Contains Vitamin C which provides antioxidant properties

and  won’t clog pores. (so it claims).

I do love this one as well as the loreal BB . This BB has nice coverage and also doesn’t leave my face feeling so greasy.


So even after finding 2 I liked I tried one more

Belea BB Cream (Shopper’s Drug Mart line) $13 (on sale)


What drew me to this product was the SPF advertised

(I had not fully read my bottles enough to realize most BB creams have this in them)

This product also has vitiman C.

This is a lot of the same texture as the korean brand BB’s or Olay’s

( You cant see my review for Olay’s located here : )

cream texture and coverage was minimal again not enough for me I was immediately decided I wanted to return it.

So I did with the money back guarantee on the box.


Thats pretty much all the BB’s I have made notes of to tell you about.

I should have started thinking on doing this months ago as I definitely have went on a BB trying Rampage.

What is your Favorite BB and Why?




I am Canadian living in Toronto, Ontario. I love beauty products, cosmetics, potions and lotions. And love to swap with girls from other countries to try new things. I also love traveling and warm sunny beaches. Passions are Beauty supplies, Scuba Diving in warm places, learning about other cultures, photography, shopping of course and languages.
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  1. Great reviews! After having tried the l’oreal magic beautifier, the Garnier miracle skin perfector ( in oily/combination something I have only seen here in Australia (is it out in Canada yet?) and Dior hydra life b&b cream, I can safely say Dior is my personal fave. I’m presently using it as a foundation (with a dusting of powder) and for day use as a tinted moisturiser.For any ladies with olive skin it’s tricky to find something that doesn’t make you look like an oompa loompa nor makes you too ashy!
    The hydra life, initially released was ” 01 luminous beige”( which is what I use)blends very well into my un-tanned olive skin.
    That being said, I believe Dior has now come out with two new shades as well as a new line “pro youth”, that I’m pretty excited to try!
    Does the dior bb cream have cons? Yes, one. The price. It retails for about 42$ in the USA and a whopping 84.00-105.00$ her in Australia where I am presently situated. Is it worth the rather steep sticker? IMO yes. It features a very full coverage for a bb cream, which means a little goes a long way..and if its totally buildable it can double as your foundation…why not kill two birds with one stone!
    The specs: SPF 30 formulated without parabens and phthalates.

    So! If you’re feeling like the caviar treatment…hop on down to your local sephora and splash out on a tube, or at the very least hit them up for a sample (you’ll be glad you asked!)

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