Primer Freak By Juanita

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Primer Freak By Juanita

Mirror mirror on the wall who has the shinier T-zone of them all? Yeap! Me.

So here it goes my incessant search for the holy grail of the oily skins: THE PRIMER!!!!

I was luck to be able to try brands from a couple of countries but I still didn’t find the perfect one! I’m close tho!

I’ll list them with my thoughts on it.


1 – Nude Face Veil by pdc


Promesses invisible pores, no thin lines and a baby skin texture in an adult.

It does mattify the skin and hide really thin lines but the effect doesn’t last longer than 3 or 4 hours and isn’t enough for the summer. But great for autumn and winter.


2 – Prep+Prime Skin Smoother by MAC

MAC prepprime

You can find dozens reviews on MAC products and unfortunately I have to tell that MAC isn’t for me, so sad…. seems like a good brand, easy to find, great range of colors but what I’ve tried until now made my skin break out… so I could never use more than three days straight without having problems with it. I’m dying to try a powder from the same brand but I don’t know… why my life has to be so difficult? ARRRGGGHHH

But the good thing is that it makes my makeup easy to blend and 6 to 8 hour without shine. Don’t mattify too much, you still keep the health glow.


3 – Shine Control Fluid by Institut Esthederm


More like a moisturizer type of cream, but lightweight and easy to absorb. Closes the pores and leaves the skin up to 8 hours without shine. The good think about this product is that is actually a skin care so will improve your skin condition.

I do love French skin care products, I wish this one had sunscreen because it is gonna work wonders in the summer.


4 – Silky Smooth Balm from Egg Pore line by TonyMoly


Being a primer this should be used under the foundation but it doesn’t work well like that so the way I like to use is on top of it to mattify the T-zone. It does its job closing pores, smoothing skin with thin lines and acne scars, keeping it without shine for up to 5 hours but doesn’t let the skin with a natural glow. I like this one because really absorbs the oil if I use as touch-up. And the packaging who doesn’t love that?!


5 – Pore Primer Essence from Pore Ever line by Etude House


I’ll tell you now that for me this one looks like the Pore Professional from Benefit and works the same on my skin sooo I prefer the cheapest one!

It does smooth the skin and close pores but didn’t last more than 2 hours in my face (just like the benefit one) so I discovered that it works like a treatment for enlarged pores. I apply before going to bed on my T-zone and in the next day my face would be happy producing almost no oil at all!


6 – Face Perfector by Avon

avon face perfector

People doesn’t seem to give Avon much credit but there’s a couple of skin care products in this brand that I don’t change even for Clinique (a favorite of mine). Smooths fine lines and scars, close pores, skin free of shine for up to 6 hours and the magic happens: SPF 20!!! yay! It’s that hard? I’m asking for that much?


7 – Perfect Face Milk by Bioré


It’s actually a sunscreen that can be use as makeup base. Mattify the living hell out of you for EVER! Like 10, 12 hours without shine, SPF 50, can get better than that, close pores and make the skin smooth like silk, velvet, a really soft fabric. But… sniff… doesn’t moisturize the skin so even with oily skin you can get dry patches to show.


8 – Peach Sake Pore Serum by SkinFood


The best for last! This is my ultimate favorite primer. Works different from the other tho, makes the skin soft but it feels like it’s already absorbing the sebum as soon it touches the skin.

Treats the skin , close pores, easy to absorb, lightweight, long lasting effects keeping the skin free of shine for about 8 hours and is moisturizing enough for summer. It’s so light that you can use with sunscreen. Well, holy grail’s sketch.


Let me know if you have a holy grail already a primer + moisturizer + sunscreen type of thing! It can’t be a BB cream because those doesn’t really work for oily skin. See ya!


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  1. it would be nice if you post websites where we can buy these stuff 😀 The peach sake primer looks delicious lol

  2. great review! my skin is super oily and i have been looking for a good primer

    • Thanks! Please share your thoughts with us if you try any of these!

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