My New Makeup Brush Set! By Denise

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My New Makeup Brush Set!

One of my Ebay orders arrived today!

When I picked it out of my mail box, I thought, “Mhh, is it my clutch or my brush set?”


This baby arrived in 2 weeks, as said by the store owner, so that’s already 1 point for them!


The inside. The product was wrapped with a lot of this styrofoam wrapping.


What the make up brush bag looks like with the brushes inside.


The gold zipper locket thingy. I have no idea what these are called.


What the set looks like inside! The face brushes are on the top and the eyes and lip brushes are on the bottom. In the middle, there is a zippered pouch for things like lip glosses, pencil eye liners or things like cotton pads.


Ten brushes in total. All the face brushes came with brush guards which was really cool.

Now onto each individual brush!

20130128_115153 20130128_115207

Blush brush.

20130128_115227 20130128_115237

Face blender.

20130128_115256 20130128_115324

Bronzer brush.

20130128_115355 20130128_115402

Foundation brush.

20130128_115419 20130128_115432

Eye shader brush.

20130128_115446 20130128_115501

Cream shadow brush.

20130128_115515 20130128_115529

Concealer brush.

20130128_115553 20130128_115601

Eye shadow brush.

20130128_115625 20130128_115640

Eye brow brush.

20130128_115659 20130128_115724

Ultra fine eye liner brush.



This set was quite nice for the price that I paid. The brushes were very soft and I experienced almost no shedding other than the bronzer brush that was a little flimsy. When I washed the brushes with my brush shampoo, everything stayed intact and the water did not change colours. This tells me that the brushes were not dyed with cheap chemicals which is a good thing! The concealer brush came with a little cap and all the face brushes came with brush guards. This adds a very nice touch to the brush set. So far, they have been very nice. I will edit this if anything goes wrong.


Stay cheerful and stay beautiful <3

Disclaimer: I bought this brush set with my own money. This blog post is not sponsored.



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  1. Hi! Can you link the eBay seller? I’ve been on a hunt for makeup brushes 🙂 tnx!

  2. Check your email inbox Tina!

  3. Hi Denise! Would I be able to get the name of the seller as well? These brushes look fantastic, and I have been needing some new brushes! Thanks,

  4. Hey Stephanie, check your email inbox!

  5. I loved this set. I’m about to buy one set for face from Real Tecniques, so we’ll!

  6. lol who is the seller i’m curious?

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