Kiehl’s Family and Friends Event! By Denise

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Kiehl's Family and Friends Event! By Denise

I love my Kiehl’s!

They are having an event in Canada and USA this weekend only!

Buy any two items, get $15 off!!!

So of course, I went bright and early today 🙂


My loot!!

This is what I bought from Kiehl’s.


Photo-age corrector: Deep Action Exfoliating Cleanser.

This exfoliator is great for those who have a thinner composition of facial skin. It sounds weird so in simpler terms, for those who have sensitive and delicate skin. I like this because it cleans my skin and I can rub out the dirt in my pores without making my face look like it went through a cheese grater. Hahaha.


I then bought the Bath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanser in “Grapefruit“. I ran out of my Philosophy Birthday Cake Shower Gel so I thought that I would give this a try. It’s double the price for this bottle compared to the Philosophy shower gel but for Kiehl’s products, a little goes a long long loooonnnnggggg way so I hope this can last for quite a bit!


I got a small tube of their Ultra Facial Cleanser. Ok, this sounds really weird but buying two bottles of this (75+75=150ml for $9×2=$18) is cheaper than one bottle of their original size (125ml=$19.50). Super weird… but thought I’d let you guys know 😛 I cannot live without, ok maybe I can… first world problems, this cleanser! I can’t use any other cleansers for more than 6 months without my skin breaking out and throwing STOP signs at it but I can use this baby for 365 days and I’ve been using it for 2 years now!


They gave me a deluxe sample of the Amino Acid Shampoo to try. The bottle is so cute!!!

The lady also gave me other samples too but I’ve put them away already and forgot to take a picture of them. She gave me samples of the Photo-age Corrector line, the Acai corrector line, and lots of samples from their ultra facial line. I love their sample policy!!! I get to try everything that they offer 🙂 Next time 😛 Next time I will take pictures of them haha.

This is totally off topic but I picked this up in the mall while I was there.

I am almost out of my multi-vitamins so I went to pick up another bottle. Apparently, the bigger bottle has a bonus offer with it and it’s offering me 25% more product so what the hey! I eat these on a daily basis so score for me! Because I don’t eat red meat and I already have a low Iron percentage in my body (along with a deficiency of a couple of other vitamins), I have to take these multivitamins. I chose Progressive because they are the most “natural” out of most of the multivitamins in the market nowadays. I am not a doctor but this is what my doctor recommended for me.

If you choose to take multivitamins, please consult your physician beforehand. Some vitamins may not be suitable for you and can cause serious side effects. So please please please check with your doctor before taking any extra vitamins or medication!


I take the MultiVitamins for Active Women because I do exercise
more than the average American woman.

Here are the ingredients, hope you can read them!




I hope you are all having a great weekend! Mine was filled with school work but luckily, I got to get out for a few hours to go shopping for some “necessities”, hehehe. Anyways, go to your nearest Kiehl’s store to take advantage of this deal! I do know that their products tend to be on the pricier side so this deal is really awesome!

Until then…

Stay cheerful and stay beautiful <3

Disclaimer: I bought all of these products, with the exception of the deluxe sample, with my own money. I am not paid to advertise for any of the brands mentioned. All opinions are of my own. This blog post is not sponsored. As mentioned before, please consult your own physician before taking any extra vitamins or medication as it may not be suitable for you.



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  1. You get $15 back in gift card right? Not a discount. I prefer the 30% off discount last winter. 😉

    • No! They took $15 off right away! Oh man, I missed the 30% discount!!!

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