Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Nautical Collection B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag, The Admiral

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Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Nautical Collection B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag,

The Admiral





So I broke down and got the Jujube B.F.F. bag

I have an addiction to Nautical items lately which isn’t surprising as I love the ocean and am working on converting my bedroom into a relaxing coastal theme.

I wanted a convertible diaper bag that could be used as a book bag.

What do I think of it ?

I love love love the memory foam handles and change pad . The gold on one side and navy on the other is soo posh and comfy for my baby.


I love that this bag can be a book bag and is one of the main reasons I wanted.


JujuBe Has included a front pocket for your phone and also a long mommy pocket at the front for your wallet, Sunglasses , other random things and a Key strap that is elastic. I love the set up of this front pocket. and find this a amazing super convenient idea.


I haven’t used this bag too long yet and do have a secondary I use as well . The inside includes some pockets for things along the back and on the sides.

However I do find this bag to be on the small side and wish they would have made this bigger.


The outside side pocket are elastic. which are good at holding things so they stay put but, I have a hard time getting my daughters bottle in the sides as she uses wide bottles (Comotomo bottles). I believe this is due to the elastic idea and also a combination of side pockets inside the bag. if you load those up and then try to put a bottle on the otter side you may have issues like I do.

All in all I do love this bag. It is soo pretty and functional.

The price tag is a bit steep considering the size of this bag .

I do hope it holds up on quality.




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