Japan Treats

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So my friend in Japan is nice enough to be a personal shopper for me.

This is what I ordered last time!


I will start with the Toilet candy above.

I ordered that one for my daughter was definitely interesting I liked the one flavour it came with the other was kinda EKKK lol.

Was a good conversation starter though hahahaa.


Minnie Bento

Next I ordered a cute little bento  Gotta love the cuteness from Japan 🙂

IMG_20141227_104516Oreo soft cookies !!

These were pretty good . I’m wondering what the regular ones without the icing taste like?

IMG_20141227_104504Avocado chips .

These weren’t bad but lacked flavour for me . However my Fiancé took them over he liked them 🙂


Sweet potato Cookies. 

YUM .. But tasted more like icing cookie to me . but very good !!


Raspberry Kit Kat ..

OMGGGGGGGGGGG IF I could have these all the time I would be in trouble soooooooooooo yummy .



I like them both .. the cheddar the most though but that’s the kinda cheese I like more.

If you have a chance to try these you may not want to because you will become like me and need MORE .

mmmmmmmmmmmm best cheese crackers ever.

Likely why I have another Japan box on the way .. hehehee.





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