Introducing a New Restaurant: Scaddabush by Sarah

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Introducing a New Restaurant: Scaddabush

New Restaurant: Scaddabush

Last weekend I went to Alice Fazooli’s on Highway 7 in Vaughan, Ontario to enjoy some of their new additions to their menu after a long hiatus from their respective menu. I had their Grilled Calamari Puntannesca with Roma tomatoes, olives, roasted red peppers, capers, arugula and charred lemon. Magnificent! Then for an entree I ordered the Short Rib Ravioli – fresh pasta stuffed with braised short ribs, basil, pesto and grated Grana Padano served with a simmering tomato emulsion. It was fantastic! It was a wonderful lunch experience.

To try and top my lunch experience, we drove to Mississauga’s Alice Fazooli’s on Rathburn by Square One mall. When we got there, Alice Fazooli’s was not! In place of where it used to be was a new Italian restaurant named Scadda…what? It took me a while to figure out the proper name when my boyfriend started singing a song from Queen called The Bohemian Rhapsody, “Scaramouche, Scaramouche…” and then starting singing, “Scaddabush, Scaddabush” to help me remember the name of the restaurant.

Interesting tidbit: according to the Urban Dictionary, it’s a filler word that could mean almost anything. You could order your cheeseburger with Scaddabush on the side and your usual waiter would assume it’s a side of fries. You can even use the word as a noun – you’re a Scaddabush (jerk/moron) or even a verb – I have to Scaddabush (meaning to take care of business). Not sure what Scaddabush as a restaurant want their customers to think about the name or the meaning. It’s definitely all about the food.

Pasta Made Fresh Daily

Pasta Made Fresh Daily

Mozzarella Made Fresh Daily between 5-9pm.

Mozzarella Made Fresh Daily between 5-9pm.

Classic and Stuffed Meatballs Made Fresh Daily. Served in a variety of ways: appetizer with crustinis, on a bun for a sandwich or even with spaghelli.

Classic and Stuffed Meatballs Made Fresh Daily. Served in a variety of ways: appetizer with crustinis, on a bun for a sandwich or even with spaghetti.

THE VERDICT: Scaddabush is Alice Fazooli’s rebranded with an emphasis on fresh made food. There menu items were less than $20. They even had Charity Bread, oven baked with herbs and garlic butter. It costs $2 and it all goes to a local charity in Mississauga. Tuesday this week was their opening night and although most of the Fazooli menu items received a facelift, the service staff and manager were keen to collect feedback on how the restaurant was doing and quality of the food. Decent sized menus for food and drink – more than enough to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

THE PLAN: It is unsure whether all the remaining 3 Alice Fazooli’s restaurants will be rebranded Scaddabush. I may have to go back to Vaughan for my new favourites for now.

FREE GIFT CERTIFICATE FOR $25 by joining their Social Club. It’s free.

Scaddabush is located below:

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