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3 Packages from ebay!

Do you remember who said that line?


So this morning, a got woken up by a very loud knock on my door. I was like, OMG the mail man is here! And there he was, with my mail and 3 PACKAGES! I was so excited! Here’s the first one that I received.

This is the second item from my Ebay order.


This is the wrapping inside. When I saw the oddly placed bubble wrap, I immediately knew what it was! And good for them for paying attention to the details.


This is the clutch that I ordered from Mgbank!


I had a little trouble finding out how to open my clutch because it’s not like other clutches where I have to push and pull on two separate parts to open the bag. For this one, you have to push the clutch handle forwards and the clutch will magically open up!


Here it is inside. It’s VERY roomy. It’s a little smaller in person than what was shown online but you can definitely fit everything you will ever need for a night out in town. You can see that there are two metal parts on the top corners for the shoulder strap.


Here are the jewel accents on the clutch handle with flash.


Here are the jewel accents on the clutch handle without flash.


This is me holding it. It looks like I have four rings on. It’s so pretty! Rock, chic and reckless.

It comes in two colours, black and purple, for the jewels on the clutch handle


This is the chain that is included with the clutch. It’s pretty durable and I love that I can wear it as a cross-body if I don’t have free hands to hold my clutch!


Overall, I was pretty happy with this shipment. The orders from this seller arrived at a timely manner and it was wrapped carefully because of the jewel accents and the handle. The clutch looks much nicer in person than in photos because the “pleather” doesn’t look as stiff or fake. The texture of the clutch is soft and smooth. It doesn’t have a distinctive smell that most pleathers carry and the metal parts are very durable, shiny and un-scratched. One point that I have to mention is that the two metal parts for the chain looks out of place. If they were made into a slightly heavier piece (yet light, I know, I’m annoying to work with haha), I think it would fit the clutch much nicer. Despite the clutch looking heavy, it is surprisingly light! I love it! I can’t wait for Sunday so I can use this!

Update: Outfit Of The Night!


Stay cheerful and stay beautiful <3


Disclaimer: I bought this with my own money. I have no other contact with the seller. This review is based on my own opinion. This blog post is not sponsored.



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  1. Waiting for Sunday to wear it to church? :p

    • LOL! Oh I wish I was that daring haha but no, not for church. For a dinner with my girls!

  2. I love the clutch.

    Now I want to watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit? It was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid.

    • Hahaha, it’s a very nice clutch for the price that I paid. I’m glad I got it. Shipping was faster than said by the seller as well!

  3. Is the purse a replica of Alexander Maqueen?
    I think he invented the purse that looks like this but in leather.

    • I have no idea if it’s a replica. I just know that this style is very popular in South Korea and in Hong Kong. The style was probably invented by McQueen xD

  4. It’s so cool! I pity anyone who provokes you into a fight, I think that your clutch could double as brass knuckles if you’re in a pinch 😉

    • Hahahaha, the handle part is really hard and durable. I love that it came with a chain too so if I don’t want to carry it with my hand, I can just fling it over my shoulders 😛

  5. Awesome! I had my eye on one of these clutches for a while now I recently ordered a few bags from ebay that I am excited for atm!

    • yayy!! Did you get this one as well?? 😛
      which bags did you order from ebay??

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