I <3 iHerb by Jasmine

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I <3 iherb by Jasmine

New year’s resolution: this year I will lead  a healthier, cleaner life. I assume I’m not the only one who promises this to herself every new year…easy to talk, harder to actually make this change! Well I found a website that will definitely help me reach this goal and I would love to share it with you: welcome Iherb!



This website is definitely where all my healthy dreams come true: vitamins, food, makeup and accessories all natural, healthy and cruelty free. Low prices, low shipping fee, and great customer service. The best thing: if it’s your first purchase you can get 10$ off with the code MUV877.



Iherb haul!

Here are some of my favorites- my top 5 from Iherb!

Real Technique brushes:

It became a trend by now: you no longer need to spend all your money on high end brushes, nowadays there are plenty of companies who make low prices-high quality brushes. And the bonus: all are cruelty free. Real techniques is probably thr most popular, and for a good reason: the brushes are super soft, have a lovely colorful design and do a great job, just as good as some of the high end brands. This is a MUST have. http://www.iherb.com/search?sug=real%20techniques&kw=real%20te&rank=3#p=1

Yogi tea slim life caramel apple spice:

Is losing weight one of your goals for next year as well?… this tea was a major help in my diet. It’s yummy like a snack minus the calories! Every time I was craving something sweet I just helped myself  to another cup of comforting  tea. http://www.iherb.com/Yogi-Tea-Slim-Life-Caramel-Apple-Spice-16-Tea-Bags-1-12-oz-32-g/41987#p=1&oos=1&disc=0&lc=en-US&w=yogi%20tea%20apple%20caramel%20spice&rc=53&sr=null&ic=1

Nutra Nail, Speed Dry, 30 Second Top Coat

Loved this topcoat! It’s not as fast as the seche vite I’ll admit. But it’s very close! I was looking for a cruelty free-less pricey alternative and this is it! http://www.iherb.com/Nutra-Nail-Speed-Dry-30-Second-Top-Coat-50-fl-oz-15-ml/41810#p=1&oos=1&disc=0&lc=en-US&w=nutra%20nail%20speed%20dry%2030%20second%20top%20coat&rc=2&sr=null&ic=1

Giovanni, Hot Chocolate, Sugar Scrub, 9 oz (260 g)

This scrub is just..wow.it smells just as you will imagine.  so scrumptious and comforting! A real treat for the shower. Leaves skin soft and delicious!


Nubian Heritage, African Black Soap Bar

First impression: black soap? Ew! Though it’s going to make a mess and smell horrible, but I read lots of great reviews about it so had to give it a try. Second impression: LOVE! First of all it smells just lush. You can use it on oily parts of the body, like the face, and it manages to control the oily parts or spots without actually drying the skin. Only 3$ for great looking skin, and all natural ingredients I’ll say it’s a bargain! http://www.iherb.com/Nubian-Heritage-African-Black-Soap-Bar-5-oz-141-g/11242#p=1&oos=1&disc=0&lc=en-US&w=nubian&rc=39&sr=null&ic=1


Helpful tip: you can also chose a freebie in every purchase! Just click on the “freebies” tab on the top http://www.iherb.com/Free-Samples

Just a warning, this site is absolutely addictive! as a new costumer you can get 10$ off orders over 40$, or 5$ off orders under 40$- just add the code MUV877 before checking out.

Hope this site will help you achieve your goals for next year!

Merry Chrismats and a happy new year xx



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  1. I love iherb’s website. Shipping is so quick also!
    I got the same brush with the pink handle from the Chinese site Banggood.com- it is $4 for that one and there was 3 other styles with the same handle.

  2. Hi I am Korean
    Your review is really helping
    I also use iHerb

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