Color Oops Review

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Color Oops Review

So I had an oops with my hair.

I got the bright Idea I Was going to put dark brown in my hair and bleached highlights.

Who knew that dark brown on top of bleach goes Black/Blue/Green?


so here am I with my oops!


After this I tried sitting around in 2 parts lemon juice ,1 part Conditioner for a hour.

It did do something but still not enough.

I thought for sure I was going to end up in a salon. But , I really can’t afford this atm.

So after some reading and such. I decided to try a Color Oops.


Let me say this stuff stinks like rotten eggs! I’m still rinsing the smell out of my hair and house days later.

BUT, It did do a great job.

I put this on all of my hair for 25 mins in a shower cap and  sat in front of my space heater.

(This stuff says that it needs to be done not in a cold room. My house is super cold in the basement.)

Then I followed the instructions and rinsed my hair for about 25 mins.

I then was good and  put my hair in a showercap with some conditioner for a hour before I Blow dried it to see.

and OMG.. problem solved back to colors I could stand.

Also even though I put this everywhere it Did not touch or effect my natural hair color underneath.

 So here is the results I got!



I’m pretty happy with the final results at least my hair is not BLACK now.

Though I think my bright idea of trying to make my hair more healthy and not bleach it as much was not a great Idea I Liked me blonder better !! UGh. Maybe next time.



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