BA*STAR Product Review By Amber

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BA*STAR Product Review

So Recently I was sent a few Products from BA*STAR to review.


The products sent consisted of a body shimmer base for under your eye shimmer or glitter and a star dust eye shadow in the color Chocolate.


Each of these products run $8.75 but if you keep reading I will provide you with a %50 off code.

First let me say if you don’t own a base or need to try a new one I highly suggest getting the base .

Below is a photo of the swatch of Chocolate Star Dust with and without the base


The pigment stands out way better with the base it also holds up better! Below is after running around my house for 5 minutes putting on some clothes make up etc.  As you can see the one with out the base is already fading a lot (mind you this is on my arm)


So I decided to give it a water test as well. Below is the results of a few minutes of warm water running over it.  Held up pretty good surprisingly.


So I also gave it a small rub after that and below are the results. Just like any other make up of course it will run away.

So lesson is Don’t touch your eyes hahaaha!


The site has a lot of different products you can find the stardust here:

and if you order before September 30th, 2013 you can use the code BBDUST to get %50 OFF.

So if you are interested Do it soon!!

-Sponsered Post-



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