Swap from Canada By Juanita

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Swap from Canada By Juanita

Did I told before that I’m addicted to swaps? Well if not, now you know. Recently a lady from the Be a Beauty Correspondent group was saying wonderful things about a swap that she had received and I was super curious about it. Turn out that she was amazed by the swap because she was able to use EVERY, I said EVERY SINGLE ITEM on the swap on the daily basis. This is really hard to achieve when shopping for someone else that you don’t even know in real life and is what I look in my swaps: brands to discover so I can add them to my daily routine. I try to be practical in how I spend my money on swaps because, well, I’m not collecting products just for fun! I wish I was…

Long story short I ended up setting a swap with Rebecca from Canada aka “her swaps are amazing girl”.

She sent my box earlier because Canada post can be a pain but we got luck and I received the box so fast, even before sending hers. And here is the picture of it.


It’s soooo muuuuch stuuuuuffff. I could get on and on and on about it but since you guys might know most of them I’ll share quick thoughts about a couple of products that I’ve tried already.


1 – Gem crush nail polish set

Cuteness in a bottle! I must say the truth nothing but the truth, before entering the group I was not a fan of glittery nail polishes, it wasn’t my style and used to make my nails flake off. But now I’m sold! I love all of them and it’s becoming a addiction, must be careful… I think a want need more polishes.


2 – Pur Wake Up Call Depuffing Eye Pen

You must have one if you wake up looking like pug puppie just like me. It really works! I was shocked!


3 – Ben Nye Banana Powder and Concealer Wheel

About the Banana powder enough was said already right? The concealer is just great! Light, blendable, good color range, looks natural on the skin and the coverage is everything! Cover the most dark spot someone can have in their faces. New favorite.

Note to self: never run out of it.


4 – Cetaphil cleanser

I’m a cleanser freak. Not just with my face… I think I have a problem… oh well. This product is great for oily skin. I like to use in the morning so I can be sure that I washed off all night treatments and I can start the day with a fresh face. Makes my makeup last longer since stop my face to became oily through the day.

Note to self: be sure to ask all your Canadians swaps to send you some of this.


So I’m really happy with all items, brands and range. I can definitely use all of them! Thank you Rebecca for the great swap! I hope I can pull together a awesome box for you too!





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