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Surprise!!!! By Denise

Who is fangirling with me right now?!?! Got a lovely surprise package from Adriana!!! EVERYTHING IS SOOOOOO CUTEEEEE <3 These are yummy. Chocolate + mochi + red bean + BUNNY CARTOON! What’s not to love?? Green tea pocky, matcha chocolate and green tea cream within wafer cookies! OMG I LOVE MILKY! GREEN TEA MILKY! And green tea almonds. Sooooo yummy! ERMERGERD!!! CANDIES GALLOOORREEEEE <3 OMNOMNOMNOMNOM!! It’s filled to the rim!!! Thank you Adriana! Congratulations on your new born baby!  I’m going to keep on pigging out…. hehehehe Stay cheerful & stay beautiful <3



  Hi All!! Soon I will be doing some videos for the blog, just waiting on my memory card to come in the mail. My lovely father gave me a free camcorder! So i’m super excited to use it soon! OK now on my to my Daiso Haul This haul was done by my friend/personal shopper Denise (since there is only one Daiso store in Canada) THANK YOU SOO MUCH Denise!!! If you do NOT know what a Daiso is. It is like a Japanese Dollar store =^.^= ok here we go BIG BOX And so Cute inside with a little note 🙂 This is pinned to my magnet board by my desk! On to the INSIDES I specifically asked for these I LOVE DAISO’S Charcoal products!! This is a Scrub that makes your face so squeaky clean & A […]

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