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Chinese New Years Haul! By Denise

Chinese New Years Shopping! ¬† My stash of goodies!!! Let’s start with the free stuff first hahahaha~ I got my make over at by the Benefit ladies. They gave me two of these samples after my make over!! At the cashier, they gave me a packet of lucky money envelopes ūüôā ¬† At the Metro Sephora, I saw this awesome set!!! ¬† This is the Amazing Grace set by Philosophy. It comes with a shower gel/shampoo, a mini perfume and a lotion ūüôā ¬† And then they stuffed this in. There were samples of Benefit Porefessional, Shanghai Express lipstick, Stila’s BB cream and a Dior cream. I saw this Sephora Smoky Kohl liner in a tub. It was $3. ¬† I got it in a taupe colour. It’s so pretty! It goes on so smooth and the pigmentation is pretty […]


When my skin screams for help! By Juanita

When my skin screams for help! Well if you read one of my posts already you know that I have a troubled mind¬†skin. Who doesn’t? ¬†(@_@) So I like to try, everything and all if possible, to make my skin just shut up when it’s driving me crazy, like those days when you can see and feel that something, more than usually is wrong¬†ooow¬†so wrong! So one of my favorites is the “Osmoclean¬†Cr√®me¬†Douce¬†D√©sincrustante” . Who tried to read that with a French accent HI5 (^-^)y This product promises: ¬†“Thoroughly cleansed and purified, the skin is visibly clearer and healthier. It is soft, smooth, supple and comfortable. The complexion is radiant and regains transparency and brightness.¬†Under the effect of massage, tarnished complexion impurities are absorbed, giving the skin an incredible sensation of freshness and softness.” I have only a gift size […]


I feel like a Princess! My khaki coloured pleather bag from ebay! By Denise

“She’s a Lady… yeah yeah yeah… She’s a Lady” That song has been in my head for the whole morning and I was singing it while I was dealing with this package!! The last parcel from my first Ebay order! My khaki coloured pleather bag!¬†When I opened it up, it smelled a little weird so that wasn’t really a pleasant first impression. But anyways, onto the bag! It’s better than I expected (I have low expectations for Ebay items) and despite the smell it gave off, the bag itself feels really nice! I stuffed the bag so it can stand up by itself. It’s a nice hobo bag with a zipper top, an optional shoulder strap and it also has four metal buttons on the bottom. The top is elastic so if you need more room at the top, the […]


Lip Potions And Lotions – By Amber

Just thought I would mention 3 lip products I am really in love with : Balmi -Blackcurrant¬† Big thank you to May Ling ¬†in England xx Retails around¬†¬£4.99     I love the smell of this stuff and it doesn’t dry my lips from using it . It is very¬†convenient¬†on my key chain and I love that this one is black! Only cons I have found so far are the way the toggle on the bottom is attached . I have almost lost it once from the round disk coming off. Also SADLY ūüôĀ The side part has chipped off so this barley stays closed right now I hope no more breaks or i may have to come up with something interesting to keep this in some how.   C.O. Bigelow – Mentha Lip Buffer   This retails around $8 […]


“I’m Not Bad… I’m Just Drawn that Way” By Denise

Do you remember who said that line? So this morning, a got woken up by a very loud knock on my door. I was like, OMG the mail man is here! And there he was, with my mail and 3 PACKAGES! I was so excited! Here’s the first one that I received. This is the second item from my Ebay order. This is the wrapping inside. When I saw the oddly placed bubble wrap, I immediately knew what it was! And good for them for paying attention to the details. This is the clutch that I ordered from Mgbank! I had a little trouble finding out how to open my clutch because it’s not like other clutches where I have to push and pull on two separate parts to open the bag. For this one, you have to push the […]


My New Makeup Brush Set! By Denise

One of my Ebay orders arrived today! When I picked it out of my mail box, I thought, “Mhh, is it my clutch or my brush set?” This baby arrived in 2 weeks, as said by the store owner, so that’s already 1 point for them! ¬† The inside. The product was wrapped with a lot of this styrofoam wrapping. ¬† What the make up brush bag looks like with the brushes inside. ¬† The gold zipper locket thingy. I have no idea what these are called. What the set looks like inside! The face brushes are on the top and the eyes and lip brushes are on the bottom. In the middle, there is a zippered pouch for things like lip glosses, pencil eye liners or things like cotton pads. Ten brushes in total. All the face brushes came […]

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