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Swap, swap, SURPRISE! By Denise

Swap & Surprise! I got A LOT of packages today! Two of which are from my lovely friends who I have met through our love of beauty.  I’m going to start off with Mir‘s package! This is part of the Canadian Easter swap that we were a part of. She put so many stickers inside and on the envelope but I don’t want to show what she wrote! This is sooo cute! She knows that I love bunnies so she tried looking for a bunny Easter Card that is not for grand-daughters hahaha! EVERYTHING IS SO ADORABLE <3 She showed me this when the package was in transit. IT’S A BUNNY PHOTO HOLDER OMG! Isn’t it the cutest thing ever? And she made it herself too! How cool is that!? Pink bow cell phone dust plug & Easter candy! I […]


Easter Weekend Haul By Denise

Mini Easter Haul!   As some of you might have noticed, I have been quite down for these two weeks so I thought that going out with my friend would cheer me up! There was a warehouse sale for Plen+y so that was our first stop. I had my SB green tea and then we went into the sale. I picked up 4 pieces of clothing and ended up spending $80 (I need to stop spending for a couple of weeks) Please ignore the background and the closet stickers… First piece that I picked out This looks flowy but it’s actually pretty slimming! I love this colour and it matches my skin tone pretty well. My favourite skirt! This is a hi-lo polka dotted (I love my polka dots) skirt. I’m planning to wear this with a nice top and […]


Mail Tuesday! By Denise

Last box from Glymm. It’s my last order because I just want to be done with them. I opened it and I was like, what the heck? They sent me sprinkles? I got a Butter London nail file and Purely Pro eyeshadow. I was deceived by the picture on Glymm for the nail file. I thought that it was going to be a metal piece but it turned out to be another cardboard thing. Oh well. I bought another eyeshadow because I loved the quality of the one they sent out in the February box so I ordered another one for my swap partner 🙂 So, that’s the end of my Glymm journey. It’s been a rough year but I did get to try some new products. On a happier note, I got my swap box from Colleen! CP did […]


My Lovely Swap from the Beautiful Sandy W by Denise

Warning! Warning! Picture heavy post ahead!! Lovely swap from Sandy! My first swap and it’s international too! She completely spoiled me!! I don’t have to buy make up for years! haha First of all, let’s admire how pretty Royal Mail Postage is. Let’s open the box 🙂   Holy moly!!!    A heart warming letter 🙂   Soap and Glory Solar Powder – highlighter and bronzer.   Dainty Doll cream blusher and MUA Undress Your Skin highlighter.   Soap and Glory Cheek Mate – lip and cheek stain. MUA Undress Me Too eye palette. Soap and Glory travel shampoo, conditioner and body butter! These are sooo adorable <3   Vaseline Pink Bubbly lip balm, Soap and Glory A Great Kisser lip balm, MUA Fur-effect Nails decorations. Balm Balm Lip balm, Raspberry flavour lip balm.   Nail Art striping tape, Topshop […]


My Second Beauty Box 5! By Denise

February Beauty Box 5 I love love LOVE Beauty Box 5! It provides consistent good customer service and they put a lot of effort into it. Now with that said, let’s see if they can keep it up for another year : ) Beauty Box 5 sends 5 (coincidence? hehe) deluxe samples straight to your door and recently, they have been sending pretty unique items.  Here’s the box! I love their company colour 🙂 They are celebrating their birthday this month so that’s why they gave us such a pretty card with a cake on it! Also, because it’s their birthday, they decided to throw in something special for us (so this month, they gave us 6 products!) Here are all the products. 1x H2O Aquatic Shampoo + 1x Coolway thermal serum + 1x Coconut and lime body scrub + […]


My “February” Glymm Bag By Denise

Guess what girls? It’s my FEBRUARY Glymm bag. FEBRUARY and it’s already the middle of MARCH. Well thank goodness this is my last bag and I can use up my points. Here we go~   Outside. First glance + product pamphlet. At least the bag is cute 🙂 The stuffs!! 1x UV nail polish + 1x femme couture monster gloss + 1x sample villainess ginger snap soap + 1x Purely Cosmetics PRO eyeshadow in Luxury + 1x heart shaped lollipop + 1x Coupon card Here’s a swatch of the eye shadow. It’s pretty nice, highly pigmented. Here’s the hot pink UV only nail polish. I have no idea what to do with this :/ ANYWAYS! I got one of my Ebay orders in today 🙂  Expect more Ebay items to be shown!!   Charcoal infused black leggings! It’s suppose to […]

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