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Influenster VoxBox Canada Edition – #MapleVoxBox

Influenster VoxBox Canada edition ‚Äď #MapleVoxBox

Well Then!! I wasn’t sure if after I filled out the survey if I would receive this or not. BUT, here it is!!! I’m sad nothing is maple flavoured ūüôĀ But , I got a box weeeeeeee. **Does happy dance** ¬† First off I must say I LOVVVVE how they do the card for this box. No Guessing on how much stuff is worth, ¬†a real break down on things. ¬† Ok so here’s what I got. ¬† Skinny cow Milk Chocolate Dreamy Clusters $1.29 each Not gonna lie ate this right away it was super good though not the best for me ¬† Skinny cow Milk ¬†Chocolate flavor Heavenly Crisp $1.29 each I’ve had this before also pretty darn tasty!! ¬† NYC New York ¬†Color Big Bold Mascara $4.99 I have not tried this yet. ¬† NYC New York […]


August Thrifty Haul By Amber

August Thrifty Haul

Ok so I think I will post a video though I’m not at all good at these you can take a look at what I’ve bought down below here: OR there is a blog blow that as well as I know i’m sounding kinda silly on the video. So there is a site online that is in China that does super cheap clothing and super cheap prices. shipping is also decent. Here’s the Lot I ended up with this round. ( I have ordered 2 items previously from them) This time 4 items: The first is a nice a nice spring/summer chiffon blouse This cost me $7.50 + shipping 2nd a¬†polyester Cotton Gray what should have been a dress This was wayyyyyyyyyyyy to short for a dress for me ¬†so I will be reselling this. It cost me $6.00 +Shipping […]


Lasik Eye Surgery Review By Amber

Ok so here’s a different kind of review I’d say this could still fit in the beauty spectrum of things depending on how you feel about your glasses or not. Or Health services or even Fashion. Regardless 8 Years ago I Received Laser eye surgery for my vision I opted to go with Zyoptic surgery as this leaves more room for touch ups then regular lasik should you need them later, which today ¬†I went in for a right eye enhancement. 8 years later I still see 20/20 with both eyes but one eye is not 20/20 on its own so back I went for a free touch up ($60 in drops total fee) This surgery then cost me a total of $3500.00 This included ¬†laser surgery and a life time vision coverage plan. when I started this procedure I […]