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The Good and The Bad By Amber

Lets start with the bad DO NOT BUY these umbrellas London Mist umbrella Purchased at Winners for about $17 bucks the idea of a double canopy is wonderful should technically hold up right? WRONG !!! The following is the aftermath of one day of use of my umbrella.   Don’t bother with these umbrellas!! ok on to THE Good I recently purchased a Bench BBQ Jacket from Ebay which price wise seemed to good to be true for Authentic Bench here are some photos of what I received. I paid C $44.38 these retail for CND $134.99 Either this is REAL or a Amazing copy either way . I’ll take it!! Found any really bad products or Amazing deals lately?


Elegant Clover Necklace By Denise

Elegant Clover Necklace! I had to sign for a package this morning (along with my other packages) so that got me very confused! What did I order that requires me to sign? = I opened the small bubble envolope and out came this adorable and cute pink box! It was a black and white clover on rose gold chain necklace!   I was so surprised by the quality of this necklace! The jewels are clear and super and it’s very durable. I wore this right away straight to school! And check this out! When you flip the clover, it is another colour!! How cool is that? I got this item off ebay for under $10! What a deal! There is, however, a $1 shipping fee but that was for the signature upon arrival thing and to be honest, still being under […]


eBay mail by Denise

eBay Mail!!! I got three packages in the mail today!! Bubble wrap envelopes!   First are these cute little accessories 🙂    My “antique” bunny necklaces! I love bunnies 🙂   Here’s a close up 🙂   The locket opens up 🙂   Next are my favourite wool leggings. I love dark reds. Favourite colour! White faux leather bracelet with rose gold hardware.   Here’s how it looks like when I wear it. Lastly, I got the rest of the clover bracelets! This is black and white 🙂 I am expecting my clover necklace tomorrow! I love getting packages in the mail! All of these accessories are super adorable. I see myself wearing them very often during the spring 🙂 Anyways…. Stay cheerful and stay beautiful <3 Disclaimer: I bought all of these products with my own money. This blog post […]