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Elegant Clover Necklace By Denise

Elegant Clover Necklace! I had to sign for a package this morning (along with my other packages) so that got me very confused! What did I order that requires me to sign? = I opened the small bubble envolope and out came this adorable and cute pink box! It was a black and white clover on rose gold chain necklace!   I was so surprised by the quality of this necklace! The jewels are clear and super and it’s very durable. I wore this right away straight to school! And check this out! When you flip the clover, it is another colour!! How cool is that? I got this item off ebay for under $10! What a deal! There is, however, a $1 shipping fee but that was for the signature upon arrival thing and to be honest, still being under […]


Happy Wednesday! Two Packages! By Denise

Two packages came in the mail today! I’m pretty happy today. Woke up to a wonderful message from someone special and packages in the mail! Let’s get right into it 🙂   It’s a small bubble envelope! One of my bracelets arrived! A simple red clover with rose gold bracelet. Here it is on my wrist. My second package This baby has made me wait for over a month. It has been stuck in customs for 3 weeks and now it’s finally in my hands! It’s the Julep Cupid’s Mystery box! This is box 7. Here’s a free nail colour coupon! I’ll be saving this 🙂 The contents. Four gorgeous nail colours and a lip gloss! The gloss is smaller than I imagined. Petra, Morgan, Carrie, Maria and Camella.   The gloss is awesome! I got another one from my […]


eBay mail by Denise

eBay Mail!!! I got three packages in the mail today!! Bubble wrap envelopes!   First are these cute little accessories 🙂    My “antique” bunny necklaces! I love bunnies 🙂   Here’s a close up 🙂   The locket opens up 🙂   Next are my favourite wool leggings. I love dark reds. Favourite colour! White faux leather bracelet with rose gold hardware.   Here’s how it looks like when I wear it. Lastly, I got the rest of the clover bracelets! This is black and white 🙂 I am expecting my clover necklace tomorrow! I love getting packages in the mail! All of these accessories are super adorable. I see myself wearing them very often during the spring 🙂 Anyways…. Stay cheerful and stay beautiful <3 Disclaimer: I bought all of these products with my own money. This blog post […]


My “February” Glymm Bag By Denise

Guess what girls? It’s my FEBRUARY Glymm bag. FEBRUARY and it’s already the middle of MARCH. Well thank goodness this is my last bag and I can use up my points. Here we go~   Outside. First glance + product pamphlet. At least the bag is cute 🙂 The stuffs!! 1x UV nail polish + 1x femme couture monster gloss + 1x sample villainess ginger snap soap + 1x Purely Cosmetics PRO eyeshadow in Luxury + 1x heart shaped lollipop + 1x Coupon card Here’s a swatch of the eye shadow. It’s pretty nice, highly pigmented. Here’s the hot pink UV only nail polish. I have no idea what to do with this :/ ANYWAYS! I got one of my Ebay orders in today 🙂  Expect more Ebay items to be shown!!   Charcoal infused black leggings! It’s suppose to […]


I feel like a Princess! My khaki coloured pleather bag from ebay! By Denise

“She’s a Lady… yeah yeah yeah… She’s a Lady” That song has been in my head for the whole morning and I was singing it while I was dealing with this package!! The last parcel from my first Ebay order! My khaki coloured pleather bag! When I opened it up, it smelled a little weird so that wasn’t really a pleasant first impression. But anyways, onto the bag! It’s better than I expected (I have low expectations for Ebay items) and despite the smell it gave off, the bag itself feels really nice! I stuffed the bag so it can stand up by itself. It’s a nice hobo bag with a zipper top, an optional shoulder strap and it also has four metal buttons on the bottom. The top is elastic so if you need more room at the top, the […]


“I’m Not Bad… I’m Just Drawn that Way” By Denise

Do you remember who said that line? So this morning, a got woken up by a very loud knock on my door. I was like, OMG the mail man is here! And there he was, with my mail and 3 PACKAGES! I was so excited! Here’s the first one that I received. This is the second item from my Ebay order. This is the wrapping inside. When I saw the oddly placed bubble wrap, I immediately knew what it was! And good for them for paying attention to the details. This is the clutch that I ordered from Mgbank! I had a little trouble finding out how to open my clutch because it’s not like other clutches where I have to push and pull on two separate parts to open the bag. For this one, you have to push the […]

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