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Fab Finds/Unfortunate Fails – August 2013 Edition By Fran

Fab Finds/Unfortunate Fails – August 2013 Edition

A lot of interesting things have crossed my path this month so I thought I would recap the gloriously victorious as well as the preposterously pooish. Keep in mind these are just my opinions, I may thoroughly enjoy something that no one else did, or find a fantastic item that’s getting rave reviews everywhere, completely horrifying. Yves Rocher Pure Light – Light and Luminous Foundation – This is a super-light foundation that provides a light/medium coverage depending on the number of ‘layers’ you apply.  It is indeed luminous, it is not glittery or sparkly but ‘lit’ and looks lovely whether day or night.  It is very liquidy however, and is best applied with a beauty sponge as opposed to fingers or brush.  It contains Rice Extract which is said to improve the skins radiance.   It’s dispensed from a pump bottle so mess is minimal, it’s […]


Skin, please come down! By Juanita

Skin, please come down!

Soooo, summer time… Some people love it, right? Sun, beaches, holidays, barbecue and etc. Some people wait the whole year for it. Well I do it too. I wait suffering in anticipation of my hair getting dry, my stomach not accepting food and my skin breaking out like crazy! Yeah, I’m not a summer person, I like the whole vibe but my body just don’t let me enjoy it. So every year is the same, all the work to getting my skin better during the other seasons risking to be lost because of the heat and humid during hot months. My skin is oily/combination but in the summer just seems that I instead of washing my face I’m using some kitchen oil all over! But this year I said NO! I’m tired of all this abuse! OK, too much? I […]


BA*STAR Product Review By Amber

BA*STAR Product Review

So Recently I was sent a few Products from BA*STAR to review. The products sent consisted of a body shimmer base for under your eye shimmer or glitter and a star dust eye shadow in the color Chocolate. Each of these products run $8.75 but if you keep reading I will provide you with a %50 off code. First let me say if you don’t own a base or need to try a new one I highly suggest getting the base . Below is a photo of the swatch of Chocolate Star Dust with and without the base The pigment stands out way better with the base it also holds up better! Below is after running around my house for 5 minutes putting on some clothes make up etc.  As you can see the one with out the base is […]


Love at First Swipe – Tangle Teezer Review By Amber

Love at First Swipe- Tangle Teezer Review

WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! My Life is Changed * Well this product blew my mind! I ordered this product a while ago and have been waiting for it to come in. I will be ordering more of these brushes. that being said I this time around ordered Compact Styler Gold Rush  It has a removable cover to protect it so it can be popped into your bag and pulled out without issues. (which is what got me to get the compact one) Gold because it was pretty!! The first thing I noticed is that this hairbrush has a little bit of Weight to it. 2nd that it wasn’t very big  (you think compact would have tipped me off) I would have liked this design a bit larger but the same everything else. I’m now contemplating either getting another design to keep […]


August Thrifty Haul By Amber

August Thrifty Haul

Ok so I think I will post a video though I’m not at all good at these you can take a look at what I’ve bought down below here: OR there is a blog blow that as well as I know i’m sounding kinda silly on the video. So there is a site online that is in China that does super cheap clothing and super cheap prices. shipping is also decent. Here’s the Lot I ended up with this round. ( I have ordered 2 items previously from them) This time 4 items: The first is a nice a nice spring/summer chiffon blouse This cost me $7.50 + shipping 2nd a polyester Cotton Gray what should have been a dress This was wayyyyyyyyyyyy to short for a dress for me  so I will be reselling this. It cost me $6.00 +Shipping […]


Beauty Box Five – BB5 – July Box Review By Amber

Beauty Box Five – BB5 – July Box Review

Beauty Box Five  July Box So I thought I’d Give Beauty Box Five a whirl and  see what they are all about. It is $12 a month (+shipping) for 4-5 Monthly samples. You also have the option for a 6 month subscription  for $30. (you will save $6 Dollars or a year for $99. (which will save you $45 Dollars) IF YOU SIGN UP BY AUGUST 31ST YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR FIRST BEAUTY BOX IN SEPTEMBER.  (The link is over to the right of the blog.) Ok so here is what I got this month Ok so here is the breakdown Jean Pierre Cosmetics Oil absorbing facial tissues  removes shine from your face and Helps prevent blemishes by removing excess oil & impurities full size = $1.99 ( I’m going to guess this is like blotting paper.)  Something I do use from time […]

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