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When my skin screams for help! By Juanita

When my skin screams for help! Well if you read one of my posts already you know that I have a troubled mind skin. Who doesn’t?  (@_@) So I like to try, everything and all if possible, to make my skin just shut up when it’s driving me crazy, like those days when you can see and feel that something, more than usually is wrong ooow so wrong! So one of my favorites is the “Osmoclean Crème Douce Désincrustante” . Who tried to read that with a French accent HI5 (^-^)y This product promises:  “Thoroughly cleansed and purified, the skin is visibly clearer and healthier. It is soft, smooth, supple and comfortable. The complexion is radiant and regains transparency and brightness. Under the effect of massage, tarnished complexion impurities are absorbed, giving the skin an incredible sensation of freshness and softness.” I have only a gift size […]


My favorite items from swaps! By Juanita

My favorite items from swaps! Hi again! Today I want to show a few items from brands that I discovered through my Beauty Correspondents. I’ve been doing swaps since October from last year, not a long time but fortunately I meet great ladies in the Facebook group and they sent me great stuff to try out. There’s a lot of good brands out there! And now is so hard not to open everything at once and put all in my face, body and nails at the same time! A few things got me hooked and now is part of my routine. Oi gente! Pensei que seria uma boa idéia mostrar os produtos que eu recebi nas trocas que tenho feito que mais me agradaram. As meninas que conheci no grupo do Facebook me mandaram muita coisa boa que eu não teria […]


The Search For The Perfect Cleanser! By Juanita

The search for the perfect cleanser! Well, since my interest  for cosmetics started I’ve been looking for the perfect cleanser. As I have oily skin if I leave any trace of make up in my face I’ll for sure wake up with pimples all over! So I tried a couple until now and there it goes my two favorite ones. If they were combined into one product I wouldn’t ask for anything else in this life. OK,  just a miracle primer and a foundation that could last like 20 hours… then I would be satisfied. First one is the Chifure cleansing liquid, a Japanese brand. Even with everybody saying that make up remover is better in oil I don’t like, I’m too lazy to spend time trying to rinse well and always ended up worrying about  my face being oily after. Desde […]

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