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I wish I could use that… By Juanita

I wish I could use that… How many times we buy a product to end up not using even 1/3 of it? Everybody does that! And with any type of products right? When I realize that I should start to take better care of my skin and body I start with a good brand and the results, all good ones, came really fast. With that my obsession for cosmetics started. I said obsession because  I tend to sometimes  buy more than I need just because I want so bad. I can be such a brat! But what can I said? I like to shop and I have fun doing it, before, during and after. Cosmetics and what envolves is like a hobby to me. But as any hobby money is involved and in this case can be a lot, especially in my circumstances where I have to buy online most […]


Question: Why do you use so many products at once? By Juanita

Question: Why do you use so many products at once? People ask me that all the time. Yes I do use a lot at once, like once once. One on top of another! But it’s on purpose I swear! And you should try too! The thing is that here in Japan/Asia the way people do the skin care routine is different, like everywhere else, all places has their particularity. A technique called layering is very common and consists in use sometimes 5 or more steps and apply them with massages. I found this link that explain how and why do it. Check it out! And an example featuring the Japanese beloved brand: HadaLabo   This routine doesn’t discriminate. hahahahaa Sensitive, acne-prone and oily skins can enjoy the many benefits of it.


Beauty Swap from UK By Juanita

 My Beauty Swap from UK So, I can tell now that I know what a dog feels when stay all day starring at the door waiting for his master to come back because I do the same with the mail guy! I’m seriously addicted to swaps and an each box that I received just make me want more and more. So this swap was arranged in the Facebook group which I’m a member. My beauty correspondent this time was from the UK, the lovely Yik-yan. This girl is amazing, she put together an AWESOME box for me! So awesome that I wouldn’t be capable of picking those items for myself. I gave her a few hints of what I wanted but she did so much more than I was expecting. Lots of treats! I’m such a chocoholic. Below I’ll put what I […]


Canadian Birthday Swap By Juanita

The first love we don’t forget right? Neither the first person you swapped with! Assuming that it was successful. Mine was amazing and it was with a lovely lady from Canada called Kayla. So as everything that is good I went back for more! We didn’t really planned much but she wanted to try a few products that I’ve talked about and I wanted more of what I had tried. So here is a pic of what she sent me and I was so pleased, oh so very pleased! 1- Olay Pore Minimizing Cleanser + Scrub I wrote about the wonders of this foam already and this is my second bottle. 2 – Julep nail polishes Need to say something? I guess not! I DO LOVE this brand. (Sorry, need to show some love) 3 – Starlooks eyeshadow palette OMG for when I saw […]


Swap from Canada By Juanita

Did I told before that I’m addicted to swaps? Well if not, now you know. Recently a lady from the Be a Beauty Correspondent group was saying wonderful things about a swap that she had received and I was super curious about it. Turn out that she was amazed by the swap because she was able to use EVERY, I said EVERY SINGLE ITEM on the swap on the daily basis. This is really hard to achieve when shopping for someone else that you don’t even know in real life and is what I look in my swaps: brands to discover so I can add them to my daily routine. I try to be practical in how I spend my money on swaps because, well, I’m not collecting products just for fun! I wish I was… Long story short I […]


Primer Freak By Juanita

Mirror mirror on the wall who has the shinier T-zone of them all? Yeap! Me. So here it goes my incessant search for the holy grail of the oily skins: THE PRIMER!!!! I was luck to be able to try brands from a couple of countries but I still didn’t find the perfect one! I’m close tho! I’ll list them with my thoughts on it.   1 – Nude Face Veil by pdc Promesses invisible pores, no thin lines and a baby skin texture in an adult. It does mattify the skin and hide really thin lines but the effect doesn’t last longer than 3 or 4 hours and isn’t enough for the summer. But great for autumn and winter.   2 – Prep+Prime Skin Smoother by MAC You can find dozens reviews on MAC products and unfortunately I have […]

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