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Vasanti Prive Topbox

 So I  got the Prive topbox this month In this months there was  2 items The first was a Cleanser BrightenUp Regular size would be 120ml  $34  / 20l trial size = $5.66  and the 2nd item was Vasanti Luminouse Cream blush in Pinnacle 3.75 g Full size $20 Grand Total  $25.66 ok value love the look of the blush and I love cleansers so I will use this stuff But topbox defiantly mixed up my ml and g on my items on my card OPPPPPS Had to figure it outs backwards


Topbox August Regular Box

So I received for Aug Topbox OPPS I’m late wasnt feeling so hot the last few weeks.  Meh. Here’s what I received. Barefoot Venus -Macadamia oil hand cream 60ml full size $5.99- Belvada Nail polish remover pads 28  count. No idea on price similar looking to the ones at the dollar store. Clinque  Repairwear laser Focus I swear I’ve had this before. 30ml $68 – Sample size  ml= 11.33 LAQS & Co Bees Knees Lip Lube Pencil $20 full size   Grand total around $40 .  


TOPBOX Regular – July edition

soooooooooo I got my topbox. It feels like a bottom box Where do I start . Lets start with my duplicate from another box  like a YEAR AGO. The Balm Cosmetics Blush- Swiss Dot or is suppose to be .I have this already from last year from a loosebuttons box This is like the tiniest Blush ever , It’s ALMOST big enough to pass for a eyeshadow. This works out to be $1.92 since a fullsize is 6.5g and this is .5g Next there is Strivectin -SD  Eye Concentrate for Winkles This one isn’t so bad for me I’ve been gathering and trying eye creams lately so, not a horrible sample to get at all. The size of this is 7ml  which is a decent size for a eye cream sample indeed. This retails for $65 fro 30ml  so this […]


June Prive 24 Clear It Topbox

So this month I picked the Topbox Clear It Top box  here’s what I have received : Great full size products as expected from seeing the march topbox with this in it. Sadly no mask, Which I reallllllllllllly wanted to try as I love the Proactive Refining Mask. I have tried this a few times now.  The cleanser seems a bit less gritty if i was going to compare this to proactive. But in all honestly this whole system reminds of that product. That isn’t a bad thing if you enjoy the proactive line. I mean granted I’ve only used this a few times and I have used proactive line before. I SWEAR by the proactive mask (hence wanting to try this one) The ingredients are on par mostly between the 2 products. Proactive  and 24 Clear it both use  benzoyl peroxide […]


Prive Cake Topbox – May edition – Review

SO I asked last month for The Prive Cake Topbox ANDDDDDDD I got it . Must say when I saw the envelope and didn’t yet see what it was but one item I was like .. ummmmmmm what the.. then my memory kicked in after I saw the product! SO here is my Cake goodness. Cake-Volumizing Dry shampoo Full size $22   I tried out already a few times also. I like the texture of this dry shampoo I am not overly a fan of the smell going on to your hair. The after smell is at least closer to something “cake” like. this one does have a shimmer or glitter in it. Which I love!


Topbox – Regular Box – April Review

Topbox - Regular Box - April Review

Ok well , I DID NOT get my Prive choice. BUMMER.. I also didn’t get my product I was suppose to from last month. DOUBLE LET DOWN. Here is what I ended up with though. A Regular Topbox   La Splash -Nail Splash – Full size $7.50 This is in the color Mystique I would have been happier if this was a color I would wear I’m not a Green girl. Turquoises yes, green no. so this is a NO for me Sweet Pea Soap-Honey & Oats $5.95 I’m not sure but they look bigger on their site so I’m assuming this is like a half or so bigger size sample. It is however a very nice smell. I have yet to try it though. Thierry Mugler-Alien Eau Extraordineaire around $79 for 60ml – Trial size 6ml =$8.00 I […]

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