Question: Why do you use so many products at once? By Juanita

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Question: Why do you use so many products at once?

People ask me that all the time. Yes I do use a lot at once, like once once. One on top of another! But it’s on purpose I swear! And you should try too!

The thing is that here in Japan/Asia the way people do the skin care routine is different, like everywhere else, all places has their particularity. A technique called layering is very common and consists in use sometimes 5 or more steps and apply them with massages.

I found this link that explain how and why do it. Check it out!

And an example featuring the Japanese beloved brand: HadaLabo


This routine doesn’t discriminate. hahahahaa Sensitive, acne-prone and oily skins can enjoy the many benefits of it.



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  1. I get that question a lot too! I have to say, I actually really enjoy the process of applying all my skin care products. I find it relaxing to make time twice a day to do this ritual for myself. What products are your favorites?

  2. Thank you gonna start layering more ahhahaha

    • Do it! You’ll see the results right so fast!

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