I wish I could use that… By Juanita

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I wish I could use that…

How many times we buy a product to end up not using even 1/3 of it? Everybody does that! And with any type of products right?

When I realize that I should start to take better care of my skin and body I start with a good brand and the results, all good ones, came really fast. With that my obsession for cosmetics started. I said obsession because  I tend to sometimes  buy more than I need just because I want so bad. I can be such a brat! But what can I said? I like to shop and I have fun doing it, before, during and after. Cosmetics and what envolves is like a hobby to me.

But as any hobby money is involved and in this case can be a lot, especially in my circumstances where I have to buy online most of the time and having sentivive acne-prone skin anything can go wrong at any time!

So I really think a lot before purchase and always try to have in mind what can I do with the product doesn’t work the way I expected.

So to not lost my money I like to try make it work!

Many people have to mix shades in their foundations to get the right one. Sometimes even mix with a moisturizer can make the shade lighter.


The other day I made my very own BB cream! It was a pleasant surprise because having oily skin I don’t get all the benefits that a BB cream offers and the coverage is just bla for me. So I mixed one foundation that was great but a little dark for me (problem one solved) with moisturizer for oily skin, it was oil free, prevent shine and it has SPF on it and voilá: my BB cream for oily skin with great coverage (problem two solved).

I think this is better than a tinted moisturizer not only because of the coverage but because you can add your favorite moisturizer.

GossMakeUp do that using moisturizer and concealer. Looks great on the skin and feels so light because the skin absorbs all the moisturizer.

Worth to try!


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