Swap Package from Israel! By Denise

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Swap Package from Israel! By Denise

Another box today!!

This is the second box from the lovely Lital!


I wonder what’s in it!! it’s packed to the top!


Sooooo much bubble wrap! and everything is packaged so well!


First item: Ahava starter kit! I’ve always wanted to try Ahava!


Next, we have a foam body cleanser (you spray it out like whipping cream, it’s SOOO cool!), Body Shop body cream, and a hair mask!


Make up items! I’ve got two eyeshadow crayons in two shades of bronze, a compact powder, an eyeshadow quad and a eyeshadow brush! So thoughtful 🙂


Everything opened. I forgot to add the beautiful rose gold eyeshadow.


My first konjac sponge! I’ve used it already. It cleans your face so well even without a cleanser! I’m looking forward to getting more of these 🙂 And also, we have a purifying mud mask.


I’ve got a pretty and cute rabbit bandanna and purple shimmer pigments! Sooooo pretty! <3

Thank you so much Lital! I love every single item that you have sent me!

So I was in the states for a day trip yesterday and I picked up a few items and took a few pictures… so I thought I’d share it with you all!


Ok.. a cart escalator.. HOW COOL IS THIS?? I’m too easily fascinated by these things haha.


Found my dream shoes… sigh… why must it be so expensive 🙁

BUT IF ANYONE WANTS TO DONATE A PAIR TO ME… *hint hint hint* hahaha

I’m joking, this will be my motivation to finish school with decent grades 🙂

And then we went to….



This was my first time and I was very satisfied 😛


Although we didn’t get to get a piece because we were so tired and full… it’s still pretty to look at <3


My loot for my swaps!!


My loot for myself!! I bought my favourite Kate Spade jewelry 🙂 As a little treat before starting work!


We took polaroid pictures and I must say… they are pretty cute, hehehe

Stay cheerful & stay beautiful <3



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  1. What a great swap! And, I must say, that cart escalator is pretty cool 😛

    • Yes it was!! So impressed with the products! I think we’re going to get cart escalators in the Canadian Targets too 😉

  2. I want to try Ahava too, so bad. Please a first impressions post later!! And I’m crazy about polaroid!

    • I will soon!! I might be getting my first polaroid camera soon 😉

  3. i want a polariod!

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