??? Mystery Swap ??? By Denise

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Who is this package from?

While picking up Maria’s swap package, this also came in for me. The name was hidden so I didn’t know what it is or who it is from! Then I started to think… Oh right! A while ago, I participated in a mystery swap (conducted by a lovely girl who I taught math to and learned some Swedish while I was at it) and this was my mystery parcel from a generous girl in the UK!


Look at all the stuff! Totally loving the skin care products!


Everything was wrapped so neatly 🙂


There was a letter in the box. Of course I had to open that first! The paper is so cute! It’s the Union Jack in floral designs!


Cuteness overload!!


The tubey skin care products. Although one is leaking as I was taking this picture, I managed to fix it and transferred the products into a big jar, haha. I used the green exfoliator today. It smells amazing and I love the feeling of my face after I used it! The Raspberry Pavlova hand cream is so delicious. I want to eat myself. HAHAHA.



Ok. I’m way too excited. SOAP & GLORY EYESHADOW PALETTE! ERMERGERD! LID STUFF! EMERGERRDDD! Also Nip + Fab. I’ve been hearing a lot about this brand. Glad I got to try it out! This is my second S&G body scrub. Smells yummy!


Close up of the eyeshadow palette. It is so pretty! I don’t want to use it ><



She mentioned that she bought something that would help my oily skin. I think this is the product! A mattifying moisturizer! Can’t wait to try that out when the weather gets warmer and I’m in the sun more often. Also, this cherry lip balm (though I’m not a fan of cherry or bubblegum, it’s cute to look at) came in a very unique packaging. The “story” on the box and the tube is hilarious!


This is a close up of the story. I almost choked on my water when I was reading this, haha.


CHOCOLATE AND STARBURST! It melted in my mail box but luckily, my refrigerator saved the day!!!


Pretty samples!


Balfour bath & shower gel and body cream!


Thank you Caroline!

Everything is awesome!

I have to share this. This is my new lunch bento box! ISN’T IT ADORABLE?


Hehehehe. Stay cheerful and stay beautiful <3



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  1. lmaoo love it!! tell me if that mattifying thing works =P

  2. wow, so wanna try out the nip fab pistachio stuff! nice swap!

  3. I’m curious about the moisturizer too! I’ve received one body scrub from this brand and is delicious!

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