What I got for Christmas!

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What I got for Christmas!

Ok so I made a Video and I totally did forgot the chocolate treats like TimTams
(Because I cowed out and ate them in November, when I opened the box and also the Beauty so Clean Wipes and Spray.

and who knows if I’m missing more !?!

So below is what I got for christmas and as mentioned the swatches of the eye shadow and better photos of the lipstick colors !

So here Is what I received for Christmas !!

My Beautiful Inglot Blush pallet to see the colors better.


A better up close of my Lippies


Hello Kitty Pallet

Naked cosmetics harvest moon swatches. (Sorry out of order on my Arm) Collection. Swatches from L-R: HM-01, HM-03, HM-05, HM-02, HM-04, HM-06.




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