October Shopping Haul By Amber

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October Shopping Haul

OK Here’s my Shopping Haul for the Month.

Well other than the stuff from the L’Oreal sale which you can see here:


This does not include the Christmas shopping i’m still working on finishing UGH. 

Anyways Mostly just winter prep clothing that I picked up for myself this month

Ok onward to my shopping habbit!

I forgot to list these last month But I picked up some sparkly flats.

Which go with like anything!


This NYC lippy came in the mail for me I was  lucky enough to win one. #353 ” Pink Lady”


And here’s a swatch on my hand Very sheer lip balm with a hint of color


Yves Rocher Cellulite reducer ( I have the one for your abs already I like the way this smells no idea if it works but the price was right reduced to $6)


Alfred sung sweater – I loveeeeeeeee this sweater !!


Arturo Chiang Leather Boots – These go up to my knee and fit over my calves and jeans!

So for me this was a must have. I needed new boots! Got these on sale at Marshal’s  so with tax $146. Not bad for leather boots. 


North Face Jacket- A warm jacket was a MUST this year as I don’t have a car. I did a lot of research and from what I could find Canada Goose was the warmest but also running $750 a jacket. North face was in 2nd and almost half the price. ( Mind you I found a deal online so my jacket (Which is Authentic , beware of fakes) Ran me $230 )

Mine is in a size small its helpful to note the sizing on this. I read mixed reviews and decided to take the chance on the small i’m 123lbs , 5’3″ and  run between a 32 D- DD and had no issues with fit on this. ( I’m not sure if people complain that they sizing runs smaller on the site because they don’t realize they are bigger or what? But , I had no issues with sizing. I Can also fit a sweater under this.)


Michael Kors Tote –

I got this for my laptop (even though its the one without the pocket inside. I would have loved to have the one made for a laptop but, that was way out of my price range.) I got a really good deal on this also and is authentic.  (I paid less than half.)




That’s it for me this month not a lot of things but higher price tags. Needed coat , boots etc.



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