L’Oreal Warehouse Sale – Fall 2013 Haul by Amber

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L’oreal Warehouse Sale -Fall 2013 Haul

Just thought I’d do a quick post of the stuff I picked up at the L’Oreal Warehouse sale. 

There is a few items missing as I have stashed them away for people that might seem them if I posted them. 

But here is the rest I spent around $300 .. shhhhhhhhh I know, I know .

Fear sunk In that I may never have the chance to go again. 

It’s always so much fun and so appreciated to get a ticket to a event you don’t normally get to go to.

on that note thank you Jennifer!

This first photo was round one (Yes I went twice)

I’m guesstimating at the Prices here cuz I have misplaced my receipts


The Kit in this photo was around $20


This kit was price at around $13


Magic BB Around $6


Colour Tattoo around $4


These lip Sticks were under $3


Serums as you can see $20 (I love BIOTHERM AND SERUMS lol )


In this photo

More of the under $3 lippys

This kit was $30 ish

the mascara around $5 i believe

The men kit was $30

and the vichy was $10


I also couldn’t resist for the price a new perfume

This was $30




And some freebies






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