Loreal Warehouse Sale and Revlon L’Oreal and Procter & Gamble Sale

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Loreal Warehouse Sale and Revlon L’Oreal and Procter & Gamble Sale - See more at: http://beautyboxspoilers.com/?p=5188&preview=true#sthash.ekQ759ah.dpuf

So today I went to TWO SALES.


I’m a sucker for a sale!!

The first being  

L’Oreal warehouse sale.

This sale is ticket holders only and 1 Guest.  This pass can be used 2 times for up to a total of $600

Dangerous !!


ok so what did I buy this round?

Not nearly as much (so far) this round.

Two ColorSensational Limited Edition Lipsticks

The first is Shade 970 in Electric Fuchsia!!


The other I got is Shade 990 in Fuchsia Fierce


Love , Love , Love , LOooooooooooooove these. I was delighted to find them at $2 a pop !! These Retail around $8 at walmart more other places.

Next we have

  L’Oreal color radiance dual protect spray

Picked this up for $2.50. This retails around $6 markIMG_20140316_195205

 I picked up 3 of these

Volum’ Express The Mega Plush Waterproof Mascara

Retails around $8 a pop


 I am in love with them

Vichy Normaderm Line

 Says on this the value is around $41 and to sell for $30ish  But I paid $18.00!

I love the Tri-Activ  Can’t wait to try the Cleanser!!IMG_20140316_195226

 Picked this up for my boyfriend

Big pony ralph lauren#2 set.

Paid $25

I can’t seem to find the set anywhere but I see the shower gel listed at $35 and the cologne listed around $65 . I’m sure a set would be less though but regardless SUPER WIN!!.


and of course samples


 And thats about it for the L’Oreal Sale.

If you are lucky enough to have a ticket or know some one here’s the details!!

342 Wildcat Road
Toronto, ON
M3J 2P5

Sale dates are:

March 13th – 16th
March 19th – 23rd
March 26th – 30th

Hours of Operation:

Wed – Fri: 11:30 am to 8 pm
Sat: 9 am to 5 pm
Sun: 10 am to 5 pm

No plastic bags available.

But you can buy one for $2 .

No strollers.

But then I decided to drive out to the

Revlon L’Oreal and Procter & Gamble Sale

So This one is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC  And you still have lots of time to go!!revlon-procotor-gamble-loreal-warehouse-sale_1_1

 SO here is some of the things I got at this sale.

This sale is very different. It has everything from fragrances , Make up, skin and face care etc. , bed and bath, random stuff like toys, clothing, cleaning supplies some types of shoes and random other stuff.

Depending on what you are looking at there are some good deals !! Also depends on how good you are with coupons and sales!

 Speaking of Random other stuff. I picked this up for $10 .

A RCA Digital Flat Amplified Antenna.

I’ve seen it online for around $30 +

we had Zero TV in a basement now we have 1 channel better than zero!!

I bet if I move this thing in the window we might get a few more. We will see but $10 for CBC for the life of the box is worth it hahahaa.IMG_20140316_195657

Clorox wipes

Why not? I needed these anyways and for $1.79 not bad I’ll take them home.

Normally around $2.59


A Cook book

Paid$5 for this one.

Books similar on amazon around $15.


St. Ives cleansing cloths

I paid $5 for these I needed some they retail around $8


This is for my Dad

Beckham signature for men

Paid $20  – I see a lot listed for $25 and up


Old Spice shaving Cream.

Paid $2.50 – Retails for around $6.00+



all and all good deals

Can’t wait to find more sales if you know about any up coming please let me know!!!





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