Lisa’s Cosmetics Review and Haul

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Lisa's Cosmetics Review and Haul

Welp I’m back! went to my first  Lisa’s Cosmetic sale.

This was my first Lisa’s

the prices for some of this stuff is comparable to the L’Oreal  or P&G Sale.

It really depend on what you are looking for and what brands.

I still think my favorite sale is the L’Oreal sale.

But since this one is Open to the public as well as the P&G sale, they are good alternatives.


The 2014 Spring Sale Runs from : April 26-29, May 2-5 & May 9-12

Sat: 9am-6pm, Sun: 10am-6pm, Mon,Tues & Fri: 10am-8pm

So you still have time. Note: you will  likely have a line to stand in waiting outside.

(This sale is open to the Public BTW, For location and more information click the link above. )

 Brands at this sale where Elizabeth Arden, Lise Watier, H2O Plus, Stila, Marcelle, Britney Spears, Armani, Nexus, Vera Wang, Anna Sui, China Glaze, Versace, Burberry, CK, Gucci, Guess, Givenchy and man more

So here is what I ended up with My damage was $96.45


Let’s start with the house stuff

Lysol wipes this came in a 3 pack for $2.99

normally run around $2.50 each unless you get them on sale but a Dollar each was decent and I needed them.


Also picked up 3 fragrances.

Alfred sung  Paradise 100ml $19( they had stickers on this regular $68), Daytona  50ml Tester for $3 (I’ve seen this as cheap as $20) and Alice & Peter 30ml $20 (The box also said $68 but you can or could find this sometimes at winners for around $25)


Goody Ouchless hairbrush $2.99 (hairbrushes normally run at least $6 -10 or more), Toothbrush .99 , Nexus Pro-Mend Split End binding leave in cream $2.99 (I have seen this around $10 mark)  and marcelle Hydra – C Eye Contour cream $5 (package lists regular price as $22.95).


Oxy Natural Action Daily Facial Cleanser $1.99(with Seaweed Extract. This is what sold me.)(normally around the $11 dollar mark) , 2x’s The real shaving Co. Pre-Shave Self heating Face Mask .99.(around the $6 mark)


Point Zero Socks , 2 Packages each $6.49 (5 pairs per package) = $1.30 a Pair (No brainer here).

around half price.  IMG_20140426_171840

Misa Nail Lacquer 3 colors.

I have never heard of Misa but I could not resit the colors or the price at $1.49

Colors are from left to right  Girls night out , Hot people like you, Lather rinse Repeat

(stickers on these say $7.95 each)


 SO If you figure out full prices I saved around the $200 mark

New sunny’s !!




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