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Hi All!!

Soon I will be doing some videos for the blog, just waiting on my memory card to come in the mail.

My lovely father gave me a free camcorder! So i’m super excited to use it soon!


OK now on my to my Daiso Haul

This haul was done by my friend/personal shopper Denise (since there is only one Daiso store in Canada) THANK YOU SOO MUCH Denise!!!

If you do NOT know what a Daiso is. It is like a Japanese Dollar store =^.^=

ok here we go



And so Cute inside with a little note ūüôā

This is pinned to my magnet board by my desk!


On to the INSIDES

I specifically asked for these

I LOVE DAISO’S Charcoal products!!

This is a Scrub that makes your face so squeaky clean


A face peel that sure works GREAT

and at this price I got 2 of each!!


Next we have

(from left to right)

A SUPER cute eyelash holder (I asked for this and was happy they had it)

The Next 3 where Denise’s pick for me (I suggested maybe a few lashes and hair holdy backy thing)

Blush and highlighter, ¬†And i’m super excited to try this love the colors!!

Some cute eye lashes very pretty

And a hair holdy backy thing in a blue color


Then Denise picked out a kawaii  panda Scrubby


Black Q Tips (sooo coool!!!)


after that we have

2 Pairs of , 2 Toe socks

I suggested these and was happy they had them

weird fact I can pick almost anything up with my toes.

these make that easy in socks ! hahahahaa!

weird fact #2 so can my daughter!


Next up Lucky Cats!!!

I do like lucky cats and let Denise know and

here I have 2 more to hang out with the one on my desk they are rolly  bottomed!


Next LOOK at this cute TAPE On my paper

ooooo I want cute tapes now!!!


And what is inside

a bunny MUG which totally will remind me of Denise and her LOVE for bunnies!!


Next we have

(from left to Right)

A simple rice ball maker ( I have nothing at all like this !! interesting .. I do like rice and this will be fun to use for if i have guests!)

Chopsticks in a chop stick holder box (THIS IS PERFECT for lunch / travel etc . Happy to have these!)


I had asked for some cute new chopsticks , Denise found some for me !!! Love them!


Next up

Bento , Bento and more Bento

Which is great I have none

the tiniest Sauce containers. not sure how to get stuff in them ill need a mini funnel !!


and more bento!!

Lunch picks

a little lunch box bag

another bento box strap

and a little pink bento with chopsticks that fit in the top





All very Cute stuff and Very Cheap stuff

and now I have my face stuff and soo much more kawaii stuff

and Bento stuff !!!

really happy to have all of this




Thank you again Denise

I love all my things and thank you for doing some shopping for me!!



I am Canadian living in Toronto, Ontario. I love beauty products, cosmetics, potions and lotions. And love to swap with girls from other countries to try new things. I also love traveling and warm sunny beaches. Passions are Beauty supplies, Scuba Diving in warm places, learning about other cultures, photography, shopping of course and languages.
  1. So jealous of that awesome haul!

  2. Eee! I love Daiso! They have them all over the place in Korea (filled with Korean stuff, instead of Japanese, of course)… everything is so cheap and awesome!

  3. likely lucky I wasn’t there myself could be sooo DANGEROUS lol

  4. I have to avoid to go to Daiso because NEVER turn cheap for me… Sometimes a spend 30$ easily there…

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