August Thrifty Haul By Amber

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August Thrifty Haul

Ok so I think I will post a video though I’m not at all good at these you can take a look at what I’ve bought down below here:


there is a blog blow that as well as I know i’m sounding kinda silly on the video.

So there is a site online that is in China that does super cheap clothing and super cheap prices.

shipping is also decent.

Here’s the Lot I ended up with this round. ( I have ordered 2 items previously from them) This time 4 items:


The first is a nice a nice spring/summer chiffon blouse

This cost me $7.50 + shipping


2nd a polyester Cotton Gray what should have been a dress

This was wayyyyyyyyyyyy to short for a dress for me  so I will be reselling this.

It cost me $6.00 +Shipping so if you are interested let me know I will send you more photos.

it’s a nice item but I was hoping to use it as a dress and I will not be as its way to short for my likes as one.



A Chiffon blue and black dress I paid $5.20 + shipping  for this. I love it . I love it . I love it!

not much else to say



a black dress I was hoping it would be something else but sadly its not what i had ordered.

They did provide me a refund. But the dress I wanted SOOOOOO much is out of stock now.


oh well I can’t complain they gave me %50 of my money back for it so it’s a nice dress.

I did however Sell it because I do not require it. I have many in this style in black.

Also I have ordered 2 lipsticks from china and a make up brush all of these showed up with more then I expected for quality.

The first is a bright pink lip stick called Xuefei – (Buxom)



This is a nice bright pink I wasn’t to sure what these lipsticks would turn out like reading the reviews but as  you can see from the swatch below its quite bright pink!!!


This is super pink exactly what I wanted !!!

I also purchased what is a MAC Lady Gaga Lustre knock off lipstick. This is a BRIGHT pink as well (I love pinks)



Also in total love with this product fake or not its great bright pink and cost me a fraction of the price!!


Along with my lipstick purchases I also purchased a Wonderful flat brush .



 I also cashed in my coupon for a free pair of panties at la senza


Winner’s finds this month consisted of  shoes , shoes , shoes

this gold pair of shoes marked down from $70 to $18 they are Marc fisher and are leather.


I got a pair of Steve Madden marked down from $80 to $25 who doesn’t need more wedges?


And a pair of Naturalizer shoes marked down from $50 to $25 comfy and practical little heels 

a little top for under things  marked down to $4


I found this dress at winners for $8 this is the style i wanted short in the front rounded in the back it will do the job!


A wonderful set of rock glasses for $5



I picked up a tea pot from Sears marked down from $40 to $12

It has a place to steep my loose leaf!! <3

in a very modern design



I also picked up this nail polish at the dollar store (couldn’t resist the colour)


and finally scored dry shampoo marked down to .94 cents

it just seemed to be the volume one marked down but really how much different can baby powder in a can pressurized be?


So that’s  my buy’s for I’d say the last month for fashion , décor and beauty.

I was bad but thrifty!

what’s your buys?



I am Canadian living in Toronto, Ontario. I love beauty products, cosmetics, potions and lotions. And love to swap with girls from other countries to try new things. I also love traveling and warm sunny beaches. Passions are Beauty supplies, Scuba Diving in warm places, learning about other cultures, photography, shopping of course and languages.
  1. what is this magical inexpensive chinese website?

    • which one are you looking for the one I got the lipstick off of or the clothing 🙂

      • both if you don’t mind 🙂

        • sorry I didn’t see this comment until now . ahhaa.
          the clothing store is :
          and I got he make up at

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