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An informative blog page where our bloggers share their insights/views on beauty products they’ve received or purchased, fashion hauls, food & drink, decor, travel and other fun things to do and buy. Plus useful information that will help you with future purchases.

Verbal Fancy Box Subscription – July 2013 by Sarah

THE BOX: Verbal Fancy Box THE COST: $39 USD (+ shipping). Shipping cost to Canada is $17 USD. COUPON: Use coupon code FOLLOWUP10 to save 10% on your first order. THE PRODUCTS: At least $80 of goodies curated by the international celebrity named Verbal. Here are the products received from July 2013’s Verbal Fancy Box: Fancy Stickers Calf-High Memphis Sock $12 Conceal Shelf $13 F in Exams: The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers $10 Morning Mug $15 (was $25) Safe Travels Tote Bag: “THIS BAG CONTAINS A GUN, A BOMB, A VERY LARGE KNIFE AND LOADS OF DRUGS.” $18 (was $20) THE VERDICT: assuming this was curated prior to the price changes, it would be exactly $80 worth of products. If you are looking for value, it does meet the expectation based on what you paid vs. what you […]


The Magnum Pleasure Store in Yorkville

And here we are  The Magnum® Pleasure Store in Yorkville So A friend and I took the liberty of going to the limited time Magnum store in Yorkville This was the line we were not expecting Well in this line we were given menus to look at. I neglected to get a photo of what turned into a wicked storm outside !! Thankfully i was prepared with my umbrella so we didn’t get too wet! After a long wait we were more then ready to go inside and try these out. So here’s how you cant expect the choices to be like: You choose your ice cream bar – vanilla bean or chocolate Choose from the 21 toppings (like rose petals, goji berries, Nerds or even  from bacon, chili flakes, … they add these toppings into shakers and dump this stuff on both […]


Lou Lou loose buttons follow up review on some of the products by Amber

Ok so I thought I’d give you a little follow up review on the things Ive tried in the loose buttons lou lou edition box 1. Vichy Liftactiv serum 10 Eyes and Lashes This is to date one of my favorite serums and i’ve tried quite a few. So there was no doubt i’d love the eyes and lashes serum as well. And I do. its light weight just like the day night serum. the day night serum comes in a cute silver bottle I’ve taken a photo   2. Philosophy Purity Cleanser This cleanser doesn’t have much of a scent to it. It is almost thick texture but leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth after.     3. Cake Heavy Hand Cream This hand cream is THICK you can even see this.  Its wonderfully soft and smells Yummy I love this […]


Lasik Eye Surgery Review By Amber

Ok so here’s a different kind of review I’d say this could still fit in the beauty spectrum of things depending on how you feel about your glasses or not. Or Health services or even Fashion. Regardless 8 Years ago I Received Laser eye surgery for my vision I opted to go with Zyoptic surgery as this leaves more room for touch ups then regular lasik should you need them later, which today  I went in for a right eye enhancement. 8 years later I still see 20/20 with both eyes but one eye is not 20/20 on its own so back I went for a free touch up ($60 in drops total fee) This surgery then cost me a total of $3500.00 This included  laser surgery and a life time vision coverage plan. when I started this procedure I […]


Lou Lou Loose Buttons Summer Box Review by Amber

So today I received my loose buttons Lou Lou Edition It came like this with a little Lou Lou wrap around the box This box was a $5 upgrade from the regular box price but includes 4 months of Lou Lou magazine as well as the box. The original  Photo of what the Contents are within this box Is LESS then what I received!! (This photo can be seen here https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/p480x480/6205_10151298290552537_1532903500_n.png ) * * But here is What I received I am super excited to receive a Extra item!! Now to go through These one by own and figure out the values Lets start with the Vichy Liftactiv serum 10  Regular size is around 29ml (1oz) and sells for about $53 . This is size 3ml (0.1oz) =$5.48 Dollar Value This is really small as you can see but I do […]


Unmentionably Cheeky – July Review By Amber

Ok so I recently signed up for a Underwear Subscription for one heck of a deal 3 pairs a month for $8 use code SUMMER (Free shipping canada and USA or $5 world wide) !!  If you are interested there is a sign up box to the right hand side of the blog This is the packaging it came in , which is great its discreet but even better yet fit in my mail slot! And inside here is the way it was packaged These panties are of their own brand and made in china , lets note most things are made in Asian countries, such as Victoria Secrets. The sizing of these are for me perfect and also the quality is great! And Here is what I received I LOVE the colors Nothing crazy and still super nice By […]

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