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An informative blog page where our bloggers share their insights/views on beauty products they’ve received or purchased, fashion hauls,聽food & drink, decor, travel and other fun things to do and buy. Plus useful information that will help you with future purchases.

Gen beauty – Day 2 Haul and complete Haul /swag

This is my 2nd day haul from GenBeauty 聽. Isn’t much as I hit most of them in the first day . Was dissapointed to get the same moda brush AND Covergirl Pout as in the swag bag 馃檨 . Thank goodness day 1 made up for day 2.     This is the total Haul for both days This is apx $700 or more of samples not including the foil packages or headband , tiny glam glow sample ! And I didn’t bother with the IGK stinky hairspray sample though it was a good size .   SO i’d say well worth the ticket price!!   Things I wish they had that I didn’t get would be: nail file and maybe a polish some stacks Make up bag   Thankfully Glamglow had water . (even if they kept running […]


Generation Beauty

Operation GenBeauty : Mission Accomplished So yeah Me and my Friend hit this event and only planned on doing 1 day 聽and hit 17 out of /27 vendors and I think we did quite well . They had the goody bags right at the start of the event this year as you went in which was easy and fun to look at well you waited to get in to the event. Here’s what came inside Lots of booths had you take selfies and tag 2-4 or so things for their samples or products . This is the swag I managed to get in one day from all day lines and standing and one pee break hahahaha. 聽Nudestix 聽also had a lippy inside of your choice of color and sharpener with a tin with a mirror . I’ll be curious to […]


Tegu Wooden magnet blocks REVIEW

I do love wood blocks and Magnets so why not both!! I love these blocks and the sets and the quality of these products I bought these off Well.ca as they were a bit cheaper there. If you do not have a www.well.ca account you can get one and get $10 off your first order withe the code -> canadafreebie But anyways I love THESE but he prices run steep for bigger sets . I do wish they 聽had better pricing. Don’t bother to try to order off their site in Canada at least its CRAZY shipping prices! Only downfall other than price is that I wish a few areas were magnetic that are not but other than that they are GREAT . My daughter let me wake up on my own a bit today and got out of bed […]


Lanc么me Teint Idole Ultra Foundation Stick Review

I received 110聽Ivorie聽from Chick Advisor to try out. Am I 聽Ever glad I did!! I was kind of sceptical having a聽Makeup stick format. But after using this in areas I normally would need a bit of cover up 聽, Under my eyes , spots etc. I really love the convince of it. I did however blot a bit with a sponge as that’s just how I do things . But the formula is non greasy , soft , odourless fantastic easy to use and easy to bring along with you. #gotitfree #Lanc么meTeintIdoleUltraFoundationStick #Lanc么me


Porcelain – Skin whitening serum

I stumbled across this little wonder in a plastic surgery forum. After I gave birth to my newest addition I was left with brown spots across my chest and upper rib cage area. I did some research and came to the conclusion it must be Melasma. Apparently its a hormone thing and fairly common. But who wants that if you can get rid of it? I tried the apple cider vinegar and water thing but was impatient and wasn’t seeing results. Did some research and decided sure why not give it a shot. Am I ever GLAD I did. This stuff works!! Within a few weeks they have faded to the point of barley noticeable and if i could remember now to keep up with it likely go away all together. WONDERFUL product I would buy this again in a […]


Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Nautical Collection B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag, The Admiral

Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Nautical Collection B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag, The Admiral       So I broke down and got the Jujube B.F.F. bag I have an addiction to Nautical items lately which isn’t surprising as I love the ocean and am working on converting my bedroom into a relaxing coastal theme. I wanted a convertible diaper bag that could be used as a book bag. What do I think of it ? I love love love the memory foam handles and change pad . The gold on one side and navy on the other is soo posh and comfy for my baby. I love that this bag can be a book bag and is one of the main reasons I wanted. JujuBe Has included a front pocket for your phone and also a long mommy pocket at the front for […]

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