Unmentionably Cheeky – July Review By Amber

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Unmentionably Cheeky - July Review By Amber

Ok so I recently signed up for a Underwear Subscription for one heck of a deal 3 pairs a month for

$8 use code SUMMER (Free shipping canada and USA or $5 world wide) !!

 If you are interested there is a sign up box to the right hand side of the blog

This is the packaging it came in , which is great its discreet but even better yet fit in my mail slot!

And inside here is the way it was packaged


These panties are of their own brand and made in china , lets note most things are made in Asian countries, such as Victoria Secrets.

The sizing of these are for me perfect and also the quality is great!


And Here is what I received I LOVE the colors Nothing crazy and still super nice


By themselves .. Blue






Worth it ?


 I do like that this was a mixture of lace and cotton panties

Would love to see them branch out in to thongs one day as well and offer that or mixed in if the subscriber would like this



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