TOPBOX Regular – July edition

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soooooooooo I got my topbox.

It feels like a bottom box


Where do I start . Lets start with my duplicate from another box  like a YEAR AGO.


The Balm Cosmetics Blush- Swiss Dot

or is suppose to be .I have this already from last year from a loosebuttons box

This is like the tiniest Blush ever , It’s ALMOST big enough to pass for a eyeshadow.

This works out to be $1.92 since a fullsize is 6.5g and this is .5g

Next there is


Strivectin -SD  Eye Concentrate for Winkles

This one isn’t so bad for me I’ve been gathering and trying eye creams lately so, not a horrible sample to get at all.

The size of this is 7ml  which is a decent size for a eye cream sample indeed.

This retails for $65 fro 30ml  so this works out to $15.17 Dollar sample

I like this so far I tried it we will see how I feel about it for more than a day or two.

And Last and Last


I’m going to Group these because I feel like it should have been ONE product if you need both items

CDN Vinylux weekly polish and topcoat

First I’m not a huge fan of this color BUT,

 I have put it on and I do like the brush and the speed it seems to be drying at

Had it on for a day lets see how much longer it lasts as it claims. Will keep you updated on Twitter and the Beauty Box Spoilers pages.

These are both full size  and each run for $11.90

So Grand Total is almost $41 Bucks

meh its a ok total but nothing to write home about sample wise




I am Canadian living in Toronto, Ontario. I love beauty products, cosmetics, potions and lotions. And love to swap with girls from other countries to try new things. I also love traveling and warm sunny beaches. Passions are Beauty supplies, Scuba Diving in warm places, learning about other cultures, photography, shopping of course and languages.
  1. Hmmmm… I was away when my box arrived but opened it the other night. Our boxes were very similar. I had the same blush but a different Stri-Vectin product. The biggest difference, I would say, was that I received two color polishes PLUS the topcoat! Sure, they were yucky colors (an off-season red, probably the same as yours, AND a blue that was identical to a shade from my June box), but at least it was two!

    • Honestly I tried the polish and i’m not impressed. How did you feel about it? The Red sounds the same hahhahaah.

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