Topbox – Regular Box – April Review

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Topbox - Regular Box - April Review

Ok well , I DID NOT get my Prive choice.


I also didn’t get my product I was suppose to from last month.


Here is what I ended up with though.

A Regular Topbox


La Splash -Nail Splash –

Full size $7.50
This is in the color Mystique

I would have been happier if this was a color I would wear I’m not a Green girl.

Turquoises yes, green no.

so this is a NO for me


Sweet Pea Soap-Honey & Oats

I’m not sure but they look bigger on their site so I’m assuming this is like a half or so bigger size sample.

It is however a very nice smell. I have yet to try it though.


Thierry Mugler-Alien Eau Extraordineaire

around $79 for 60ml – Trial size 6ml =$8.00

I LIKE , LIKE, LIKE this smell it’s nice and a decent size.


Miracle 10 Skincare -Sunscreen lotion SPF 30

50ml is $38 – This is FULL Size

I was shocked to see this is full size I will use this I am a SPF glutton!!

So this is perfect sun is coming out (I hope with our horrible snow in April weather) Timing!


Grand Total = (if I count the soap as full size )around $59

All in all not a bad box BUT I had asked for a PRIVE box I never got it.

Big Let down to think you are getting something you want for sure to get some stuff you really could care less about or not even want.

Also wonder If I will ever see my item I was suppose to get this month in my box that I did not.

oh TopBox..



I am Canadian living in Toronto, Ontario. I love beauty products, cosmetics, potions and lotions. And love to swap with girls from other countries to try new things. I also love traveling and warm sunny beaches. Passions are Beauty supplies, Scuba Diving in warm places, learning about other cultures, photography, shopping of course and languages.
  1. Mine was a bit like yours. Not amazing but not terrible. There were many that looked worse so I’m happy. As for the Prive boxes, those are “wish list” items so it’s not guaranteed you will get one. Out of an entire year of Topbox I’ve only received a Prive box once, despite wishing for one half a dozen times or more.

    • OMgosh This is the first time I don’t get what I’ve wanted I guess I should count myself blessed then!!!!!

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