Topbox Chatelaine Bonus Box Review By Amber

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TopBox Chatelaine Bonus Box Review

I received my Chatelaine bonus box 

I must say I’m bitter sweet about this box. 


I somewhat expected the Chatelaine box to have at least some of  the chatelaine top 100 beauty products 2013. 

So I a bit bummed out at the lack of effort put into
this “Chatelaine”  Box.

Basically its just a duplicate of the September box.



On the upside I’m not totally disappointed in the box it self
(Looking at it as a Topbox , Rather then something special. 

Here is what I received from my “Chatelaine” TopBox




Benefit Cosmetics -SugarBomb ultra plush Gloss

Full size =15ml ($19)– Trial size =6.5ml = ($8.23)

This is a duplicate. I had this already. 




Clinque –All about Eyes

Full size = 15ml ($37) — Trial size =5ml =($12.33)

I haven’t tried this. I wil give it a go. 




Lise Watier –Teint Age Control Supreme

Full size =30ml -($48) –Trial size =5ml ($8)

Just  took the cap off this to look at it wayyyy to dark for me.
This will have to be a give a way. 


And last but not least 

the Only reason that made the box it’s self worth it 

Wella Professionals– Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray

Full size  =150ml =($14) 


So basically this product  pays for a regular top box 



Total Value $42.56 + 12 magazines + Watch


I also got a year magazine subscription with this 


and a watch 



If you are interested in getting this deal
( its not a subscription for topbox  Just 1 topbox and the magazine subscription and watch.)
you can find it here.



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  1. Actually, don’t discount the Lise Watier until you’ve tried it. I was thinking it was going to be way too dark for me but the coverage is sheer and it came out quite nice. I usually take just about the lightest shade in any foundation or concealer product I try and this was good for me.

    • hummm really it looks soo dark and almost orange color I normally am like light too

  2. When did you receive the magazine and watch?? I have not go mine yet…

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