Surprise Mail Delivery! By Denise

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Surprise Mail Delivery! By Denise

Hello! First post here!  How are all you beauties doing?

So I came back from school in the morning and noticed that my mailbox lid was opened and rain was dripping in! I quickly ran to my mailbox and long and behold, TWO packages were sitting there for me! I’ll show you the first one first 🙂

A package from Topbox!

I had a huge question mark above my head. Why did Topbox send me a package? I completely forgot that I ordered something from the Boxing day sale…

My Maskeraide masks!!!

I ordered four of these wonderful masks and redeemed my $10 coupon on them so in the end, it was only $5!

I will do a review on these 🙂

Love you all <3



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  1. Ahhh pretty sweet. Those little masks are fun! Sometimes, I have a hard time using something like this because when it’s gone, it’s gone and I know I won’t pay that much for something like that. Wow…nice response eh? Sorry, I’m tired… I sat at my computer ALL DAY to see this post. 😛 JK 🙂

  2. LOL denise!!! the suspense. i’m glad you got this 🙂

  3. Hahahaha, I’m so sorry! I had a little mishap with WordPress and had Amber to look over a lot of things. Luckily, she got it all fixed and ta-da! My posts 😛 Now go to bed. Haha

  4. haha yes sorry that’s my fault apparently another plug in was needed for wordpress but all fixed now !

  5. The very same thing happened to me the other day! I got home and there was a Topbox package. I was so excited because I thought it was the privé box which had arrived without notice. I completely forgot I had placed an order on their site to use my $10 coupon code. I too ordered the face masks, but I also picked up a Pandora polish and perfume set. Haven’t tried any of them yet… and they may end up in swap packages as I’m trying to use what I currently have (which happens to be enough to open my own boutique!)

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