Steven And Chris – Loose Buttons Spring Box By Amber

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Steven And Chris - Loose buttons Spring Box

Ok so here it is my Steven and Chris loose buttons box

It came like this

And here’s what’s inside


I was feeling a bit let down by the contents of what was in the box looks but after doing the break down i’m happy with this box!

Sponge Id say range can be $1 -$4 for these (Lucky I do not own one )

L’Occtane Dry Skin Hand Cream

30ml=$12 (Sample size 10 ml =$4)

Kerastase  Bain Chroma Captive Shampoo

250ml = $39 (Sample size 30ml  =$4.68)

Lancome Genifique

30ml = $95 (Sample size 8ml =$24)

Coach Love Parfum

50ml = $72 (sample size 6.5 ml =$9.36)

Blue Lagoon

Rich Nourishing Cream

30ml = $130 (sample size 2ml =$8.67)

Silica Mud Mask

200ml =$100 (sample size 30ml =$15)

Mereadesso Lip Treats

Full size = $28

Grand Total around —$95

Yes so all in all i’m REALLY pleased with my box !!



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  1. Hope my box is almost as good 😉

  2. Wow, just based on doing the numbers my box is worth around $45. 🙁

  3. eppps .. at least its not under value . I think i got one of the better options next seasons better not suck so bad!!

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