Spring Luxebox. (Loose buttons). Review what I actually received.

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So here is what I actually received from Loose buttons for my Spring box


Lets start with this Brush

IMG_20150328_135054At least this was a pretty sure thing to get.

I do like this brush and the fact its a 2 in 1 tool



This is suppose to be award winning and have lots of vitamins. But, I haven’t tried this yet as I haven’t really used a brow gel before. So humm maybe I will eventually?


Klorane Extra Gentle Dry Shampoo

I have yet to try this too but I do like dry shampoo’s I have been giving up on shampooing my hair recently and just using conditioner except every now and then or when dying my hair (need to get that stuff out properly ) So this might be good to try and I might need this more soon since I’m due any time with a baby and I’m going to guess have a lot less time for showers and stuff right away without harassing someone to help me.


C&E Nail Lacquer 

I swatched this but don’t see the point of a super clear n sheer nail polish.


A mask

I will try this soon. I do like face masks. I think I need to start making time for this every night before the baby gets here .

Note start using masks tonight!!!


Paula’s choice exfoliant

This I’m actually excited to try  and it’s for all skin types and conditions.

I do love skin care so maybe I’m  partial.


Buxom -Show some Skin

hummm I’m more of a BB Girl but maybe I’ll give this a go since it says weightless?

I’m not really into thick foundations as lately my skin has cleared up a lot and there is no need to overdo it now.

Hummm it’s a ok box at least most of this I will use.

Wondering what we will see in store for next season.

Or if any other boxes will join the Canada front.

Seems a lot of businesses are pulling out so I won’t set my hopes too high to new things coming in.



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