Philosophy Prive March TopBox

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Philosophy Prive March TopBox

Ok so I’m mighty glad I got my choice this month after seeing some of the other Topbox’s !

I decided to get the Philosophy Prive box

here’s what’s inside

its my anti aging kit but I don’t mind that or skin care products.


First Item is

Miracle worker Miraculous anti -aging Concentrate

This retails for 30 ml for $81

Sample size 3.6ml = $9.72


The second Item is size deceiving:

It looks as big as the other but is not the same amount

Miracle worker Miraculous anti – aging eye retinoid repair

This retails for 15ml for $78

Sample size 2ml=$10.40


3rd Item

Miracle worker miraculous anti – aging lactic acid cleanser and mask

Retails for 240ml for $45

sample size 7ml =$1.31


and the last item (yes only 4)

is the

Miracle Worker Overnight

Retail is  60ml for $78

Sample size is 7ml = $9.10


Total Box Value


Not the best value for a Topbox I’m a bit let down at this moreso the skimpy samples they provided from this brand

I will give these a try .

At least I didn’t feel totally let down like some of the boxes I saw this month but I decided I better pick a prive box or suffer.

Seems most months are this choice pick or get the left overs.

SO I pick!





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  1. They didn’t give you the Miracle Worker Anti-Aging Lactic Acid Cleanser and Mask, as it comes in a little bottle, you (and I) got basically a moisturizer, despite what is listed on the info card. Others actually got the cleanser. Very disappointed in the philosophy Topbox, you can get these samples at Sephora. I would have preferred one larger sample as opposed to these 4 teeny samples. I cancelled my subscription.

    • I did mention to topbox that I got something that They did not list and they are sending me the cleanser. These product are very small but i’m thankful I did get my choice at least scary some of the regular boxes!!

  2. I just started using this box now and my favorite is the cleanser/mask. I actually like this box.

    • I have Tried it I do like it but I have some others I like better but I tend to jump around from a deep cleaning cleaner to a moisture one etc .

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