My January Starlooks Box! By Sanaa

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My January Starlooks Box! By Sanaa

My January Starlooks Box!

Last post of the day! I received my Starlooks box a few days ago, and was pleasantly surprised at the number and quality of the products after my experience with my Glymm bag. Unfortunately, through my New Year’s purge, I had to reevaluate by budget and decided that Starlooks also had to go. This was a hard decision for me, particularly in light of how great this box was, but the $20 monthly price tag (including shipping) was a little steep for me. We’ll see how I feel after my final box in March, and if I would like to resubscribe at that point.

With that being said, let’s take a look at my wonderful box!

This month’s box was a lovely mint green colour with a gold elastic ribbon. The inside was lined with a beautiful bright yellow tissue paper, and included the usual crystal the company includes with every box.

IMG_0820                  IMG_0822


This month’s products included:


1. Diamondline Eye Liner in “Fancy”:

This pencil is in a lime green shimmery colour, and goes on very smooth. While I’m not sure how this will look with my colouring, I think this is a great quality product and am excited to see how it wears. Check out the swatch below.

2. Eye Liner in “Brown”:

As noted in other posts, I’m a HUGE eye liner wearer, but my typical go to colour is black. I’m going to give this colour a shot though, because I’m looking to try a more natural look, and I think this would look less severe than the usual black liquid liner I use (although I love it so much!). I’ve swatched this below.

3. Blush Compact in “Peach”:

Oooh! Such a pretty colour! I’m really getting into blushes and I’ve slowly been building my collection. Right now, I rotate between the light pink blush I received in one of my recent Glossyboxes and a bright pink NARS one. It will be nice to use this peachy colour :). Swatching is included in the photo below.

4. 858 Dome Brush:

I’m the cheapest person alive when it comes to buying makeup brushes, so getting this was a god send! Very excited to use this 🙂

5. Green Bracelet by Amber Rose Designs:

This is such a pretty bracelet! 🙂 It’s nice to see Starlooks including non-makeup products in its boxes, just to mix it up a bit.



Did you get this month’s Starlooks box? What did you think?





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